Information Report Writing

Today you will need to continue your excellent writing based on information reports. Your reports will still be based on an animal and we will begin reports (biographies) on a famous person next week.

Look at Tylah’s information report on Hyenas. Why do you think this is a successful piece of writing?

Hyenas Tylah

You must follow the writing process and make sure your report is structured correctly.

  • Classification – What is the topic?
  • Body (Description of appearance, behaviour and habitat written in separate paragraphs).
  • Conclusion – Personal comment about the topic or interesting piece of information that has not been mentioned in the body.

Your report should include:

  • Technical words
  • Adjectives
  • Synonyms

Make sure you include capital letters in the correct places and try and add extra detail to your report that will extend your writing.

3D Shapes

Today you are going to revise 3D shapes. You all should know that a 3D shape has three dimensions (length, width and height). We have also learnt that most 3D shapes have three properties (vertices, faces and edges).

Watch the video below to help revise your knowledge of 3D shapes. You will then complete some tasks based on 3D shapes.

Science: Day & Night

Today we are going to watch a video for science that explains why we have day and night. Watch very carefully and be ready to write a conclusion for why we have day and night.

You will now create a labelled diagram that shows how day and night exists.


Week 2 Homework


Your homework for this week is the Reading Homework. You will need to answer one question from either the fiction or non-fiction question sheet, depending on what type of book you are reading at home. Remember to complete your answer neatly and answer the question in as much detail as possible.

If you have lost your homework book or question sheets I can give you some more questions.

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Inquiry – Call To Action Planning

Last week every group planned a way in which they were going to present their call of action…

Some groups are making a poster, PowerPoint, model, performance, a design for a special room, etc.

You and your partner must know what you are doing/making for your call of action.

Today you are going to plan your design. In your Inquiry Journal books you will need to complete the following:

  • Heading > My Call To Action Plan
  • Write your call to action
  • Write what you are designing (ie: poster, etc)
  • Draw, label and describe in detail what is going to be on your design. Your plan should show exactly what it will look like. It will have labels and must support your call to action.
  • A list of materials that you will need to complete your design.
  • If your design is not clear enough, you will need to re-design it. So take your time, do not rush and plan it properly.