Welcome to 5/6A 2013

Welcome to 5/6A’s blog for 2013. I hope every one has enjoyed their holidays. This blog will be used daily by our grade to comment on posts, pictures and videos. The blog will also have tasks to complete including weekly homework activities and important information for the students. We will set up links from our blog to other web sites to assist in your learning. All students will be encouraged to use and comment on the blog as much as possible.

Mr. Andrew

31 thoughts on “Welcome to 5/6A 2013

  1. Hi my name is Logan, I am 10 turning 11. I was born in August 2002, at school I like to play math games. I love to play Tennis.

  2. Hello my name Chloe Holmes I am in grade 6. My favourite subject is art and outside of school i like to hang with friends and do arts and craft.

  3. Hello my name is Travis, I am 11 years old turning 12 this year. My favourite sport is football and my favourite things to do is running and writing very long stories that has alot of adventure in it.

  4. Hi i’m karim i’m in grade 6. When I go to school I like to do P.E.Outside school I like to play with Daniel.

  5. Hi my is Tahlia MacRae I am in grade 5. My favourite subject at school is art,maths and P.E. When I’m out of school I do dance at Danceworks.

  6. Hi my name is Terrymeers my favourite game in the school is tigi and at home i play the xbox360kinect

  7. My name is Jay Muscat, and I am in grade 5/6A (grade 5). My favourite subject is computers and when im not in class i like to run a lot

  8. Hi my name is Loki i’m and 10 years old. I like football the one thing i like about school is maths. I like to play with my friends when im not at school I am also grade five

  9. Hello my name is Shani. I am in grade 6. My favourite thing in school is art because i like create my own pantings and drawing. My favourite thbing to do out of school is staying at my best friends house. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi my name is Bailey.im in grade 5.i like to skate out side of school.i like playing math games in side the classroom.

    1. Bailey, you need to make your sentence a lot more detailed and you should of not been lazy and have more things about your self. 😦

  11. Hi, my name is Zachariah Fakhri, i am 11 years old and i’m in year 6.
    my favourite thing in school are class parties, my favourite things out of school is playing basketball.

  12. Myname is Leigham.Dodd im in grade 5 my favourite subject in class is MATHS because youuse it every were my hobby is playing games

  13. My name is Nyanom and i am in grade 6.and I am 13 years old also go to liddiard road primary school. In school i like to do writing and i like librayard i like playing with my friend’s, i like P.E and art

  14. Hey mr.A what are you doingmy name is louiseum so do you now if year5 so my hobie is soccer,baketballanhdaceing hiphop

  15. Hi my name is Nyetap and I am in grade 6. My favourite subject in school is Writing, P.E, Art, Reading, Maths and Library.I like to play around with my sister on our bikes and i like to play with my brothers sometimes. I love to dance with my cousins and my sister and I love listening to music at home.

  16. My favourite games are cricket and football. And my favourite animals in Australia is koalas and kangaroos. I love kangaroos and koalas because they are good animals.

  17. Hi my name is Riley im not in your grade but I would like to tell you some imfermation about me, I am getting a fish, my favouite colour is green, my favourite fish is a mexican walking fish, I have 6 people in my family, out side I like to swimming in a pool and jumping around and I like to play my Xbox 360.

    HELLO!!! My name is HEIDIE DUURLAND and I am 11. I like to hang out with my friends, draw, sing, dance and more. I AM AN OUT GOING PERSON AND I BE MYSELF. I also like to play COD Black Ops 2 on my PS3 that I play 24/7. I like learning about Global Ed because we learn new ICT skills and programs to use for the wiki and I like connecting with people with different cultures to find out what their culture is! ARENT I SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME??!! – Yes. Yes I am. πŸ™‚

  19. Hello guys, just a reminder to say I have created a blog, if you want to visit, the website is called jaymsite, have fun!

  20. Hello, my name is Dakotah Gangur. I am 10 years old turning 11, my birthday is May 27th, I am a grade 5, I go to liddiard road primary school I was born in Mildura in 2002, I was born at home on my mums bed, I have 5 friends, my favourite colour is purple and hot pink, my favourite games are twister and a lot of sport, my favourite subject at school is pe, art, library, and writing, my favourite teacher in the world is Mr Andrew because he is very nice and does easy work and he is the first boy teacher.
    thank you

  21. Hello, my name is Reece Watson. I like sport such as soccer, badminton and baseball. My favourite subjects are maths, P.E and reading. I like to play the x-box 360 in my spare time at home. I am born on 1st of January 2002 and I am 11 this year and I am in grade 6.

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