8 thoughts on “Unpacking seeds – Gippsland Bushfires

    1. Very good Bailey, but this is on the wrong post though, but I think it would still be a very great post to put on the Australian flag post.

  1. I thought that the bushfires are getting worse because they are getting bigger every year. I feel so sad for the people in the fires because all of the things and houses got burnt down and I feel sad for my cousin and Aunty because they where in the fire on the cousins birthday so they had to stay at my house over night. 😦

    1. That was a very emotional story Shani. I liked how you put in how you put in your emotions in this sentence. That was a very great fact of how the bush fires are getting bigger every year. Great job.

  2. It is very sad to see all of those flames burning houses down, destroying trees which would’ve made it worse and I hated to see that picture with the family trapped in the water, I didn’t know bush fires could do that much harm. I feel shocked that some people managed to escape the fire

  3. I feel so sorry for this. The horrific bush fires that occur today are so frustrating. I agree with Shani that bush fires are growing bigger and bigger every year. We need new resources and techniques to battle the fires. I really have emotion for the big family in the caravan park because the dad was risking his life to put out the bush fires. Its fantastic how much fire fighters are in this world protecting our precious earth. Earth is so fragile and we can harm it easily. Its good that some people managed to flee from the fires before they got to them. The houses that got horrifically got burned down I feel for because where will they live now? What if they had no insurance? That would be a life changing moment for whom.

    1. Well done Heidi. I see that you put in great synonyms so that it is not boring. I agree that it is great to have many fire fighters risking their lives to protect us. I also agree that we need new recources and techniques to battles the harmful fires. That was a well explained comment.

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