13 thoughts on “Should the Australian Flag be replaced?

  1. I believe that we shouldn’t change the Australian flag especially to that design it just doesn’t look good, if we are to change the flag just put the Australian coats of arms on the flag.

  2. I think the current Australian flag shouldn’t be replaced because alot of people fought the wars to defend this flag and it would be seriously disrespectful if they took the current flag away. If this flag were to be taken away this would cause arguements about if the flag looked good or not.

  3. I think that the top one is very creative and smart but I would like to still keep the current Australian flag because it is very important for soldiers and it shows respect and also we have had the flag for a very long time and some people will get confused and it will show no respect to James Cook. Thats why I would like to keep the current Australian flag.

  4. i think it should stay the should stay the same because i would not want to die about rember austraila. if thay change it i would want the old aus flag on my part of my coofin please keep austraila the same because people would not think of aus that much.

  5. I think we should change the australian flag because the Union Jack is Britan not Australian. The Sothern Cross is plain white and the new one is yellow and green witch are aussie coloures. The flag also has aboriganal coloures and we should preasent them too because they were the first people here.

  6. I don’t like the flag that we looked at on the video because the people who died for the flag at war.

  7. I belevie that they should not use a driffenret sport flag because they will get confused with the flag so I think should keep it.

  8. I think they should change the flag to the first picture of the Flag because it represents Australia more better with the colors and the partens. 🙂

  9. I think they should keep the current flag because it would be disrespectful for the people that fought for the flag,and died trying to save us.

  10. I think we should keep it forever! Because treasured things are very old and the Australian flag is very old but we are used to its culture it brings to Australia and if we replace it we wont see it and wont get to know the things printed on the flag.

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