13 thoughts on “The Australian Flag

  1. I believe that that can have that flag but it should say least we forget because they want to keep the old one to remeber the people how fort for us in the war so we can still remeber them.

  2. I dont think that australia should change the flag it is fine the way it is. I think they should keep it for another year or two,because most australians might like it.

  3. I think the australian flag should change because the new flag acsally represents everything about australia.

  4. I think we should change the Australian flag because we aren’t Britan. The southern cross is white and the other flag is Aussie, i think we should have a flag that is more Australian

  5. I think that the flag shouldn’t be changed. It would be really confusing because people have been used to it for two hundred years.

  6. I think that the Australian flag shouldn’t be changed because it would be really confusing to lots of people and it means that you aren’t really respecting the people that died and fought in world war 1 to make the flag become ours for our land.

  7. I think that they hange the schould not change the flag bbecause thers people that they fite under the Australian flag

  8. I believe that Australian flag shouldn’t be changed because it is disrespectful to all people who fought in WW1 and WW2 to keep that flag.

  9. I think it should be the one that the person made because it represent the Aborigines and the English people and the things they hunt with like the boomarang and the sun is the Common wealth star with 700 dots and I think It just be that.

  10. I think it is a good idea to change the flag because it represents all of the flags in Australia and has the sporting colours. B)

  11. I think we should change the flag to John blaxland because it represent all of the different important parts of Australia. 🙂

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