Your homework for week 3 is to complete your persuasive writing piece about the Australian flag.

Your writing should have the following:

– An introduction, which clearly states your opinion – we should keep the current flag or we should change the flag. You may also want to engage the reader within your introduction by using some description, asking a question or stating a fact.

– At least 2-3 arguments to support your opinion, which need to be backed up with evidence. If you think the flag should stay the same because it represents Australia, you will need to write about how it represents Australia.

– A conclusion, which only needs to be short, but should restate your original opinion.

– Try and use some powerful language in this piece of work to help make your writing convincing. Try including words to explain how you feel about keeping the current flag or changing the flag. Some words you may choose to write in your piece may include: proud, disrespectful, respectful, devastating, magnificent.

Complete your homework in either your homework book or on a lined piece of paper. This is only a draft so it does not need to be written on a computer. Remember to use the information that is on the blog and in your inquiry/homework book.

Your homework will be due on Tuesday 19th of February.