Seed Ideas

Man surrounded by waves
Shark & Kayak

You can use these images to help you unpack a seed. You may want to use think/feel/wonder or imagine you are one of these people. You may even use the shark image to unpack ideas on whether sharks should or shouldn’t be hunted.

7 thoughts on “Seed Ideas

  1. I think it would be really scary if I was kayaking and a shark swam up behind me and it wolud be really scary being surrounded by waves and I’m wondering how he will get out.

  2. If I was that man I would be very scared because I saw a big shark around me,
    and I was alone. I think that the shark was nice beacuse if that shark was dangerous he would jump on the boat and kill the man. I wonder why that man when kayaking if he knew there were sharks in the water.

  3. Here are some of my opinions,
    I would not feel safe at all if I were in a lighthouse, getting washed up by waves,
    and if I saw a shrk below me horribly shocked! I would have no clue what to do!
    thank you Mr.Andrews, I’m sure lots of people got great ideas from them pictures.

  4. Wow thats some awesome seeds that people can use i hope everyone likes them that tells my about seeds others and i can use in our writing

  5. If i was that man i would be thinking how to escape and will i servive this. waves are crashing so hard they are neally going over the roof of the light house.

  6. if i was kyaking with a shark behind me i would be so scared im about to rock the boat. And if i fall out of the boat into the water then i would be more scared then ever befor.

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