Use the above images to assist you in writing down what happened during our science experiment. Try and give an explanation to why it happened.

You may even unpack a seed on this experiment and turn it into a procedure or descriptive recount piece of writing.

12 thoughts on “Science Experiment – MIXING BI-CARB SODA WITH VINEGAR

  1. The balloon rised because of the cabondenied from the vinegar and bi-crab soda. I though that the experiment was amazing because it did blow off also because it didnt blow up when it had heaps of bi-crab soda in it. My favourite part was the frist time we treated it because it had a hole in it a nearly went on Mr Andrews hahahaha.

  2. i believe that there was so much bubbles that they all popped and the carbon dioxide lifted up so high that it lifted up the balloon, it wasnt the liquid that filled it up it was the pressure of the air and thats how it got big

  3. The balloon rose because there were so many bubbles that made the balloon rise and carbon dioxide made it rise it aswell. When the balloon got as big as it could all of the bubbles popped but the balloon stayed on the the bottle still blown up. We had to cut the balloon so the balloon would pop.

  4. The Bi-Carb soda and the Vinegar being mixed together was really interesting and really fun to see them two mix together. The balloon was getting blown up by the Vinegar and Bi-Carb soda being mixed together, they both make bubbles that fizz up to the top of the bottle and all the air rises up to the top of the bolloon. When the fizzy parts stop fizzing up some of the air stops rising and makes the bolloon’s air stop blowing the bolloon up. When we mixed Bi-Carb Soda and Vinegar together without the bolloon it was more interesting then having the bolloon on top of the bottle because the bottle was fizzing more then the lunchbox with the Vinegar and the Bi-Carb soda inside mixing up like the bottle. The Bi-Carb Soda and the Vinegar made the bubbles and it is called (carbondieoxide)

    1. The bi-carb soda and the vinigar mixed together was really exciting and really fun to see the balloon bloww up and when Mr. Andrew took the balloon off it all squerted in my face but almost got me in the eye and seing all the bubbles rise up out of the bottle. The balloon rised up because when the bubbles popped the air blew into the balloon.

  5. The science progect was fun, I enjoyed watching the vinegar mix with the bi-carb soda.
    The bi-carb soda dissolved a bit and made a tsssss kind of noise, the carbon dioxide from the vinegar and the bi-carb soda rose up and filled the balloon.
    When there was no balloon the carbon dioxide just rose and filled the air.
    The bubbles from the bi-carb soda and vinegar, when the bubbles popped it creaed carbon dioxide.
    It was really fun and I wish we could do more experiments like that.

  6. I think they would enjoy doing the slime because it would of felt good and when they are at home they can make it any time.

  7. I think that the balloon rose because the bi-carb soda and the vinegar mixed to together that made the air pressure in the bottle.

  8. The science experience was very fun, I liked how we got to watch the ballon rise, it was bad that there was a hole though, maybe there was a hole because:
    * Mr.Andrew put to much pressure putting the balloon on the bottle
    *The pressure built up and was so strong, the balloon got weaker and weaker until there was the hole.

  9. I think science is really fun because you don’t know what’s going to happen!

    Mr.andrews, when are you going to put more things on the blog because I’ve maxed out!

  10. Wow that is a cool science experiment. Was it engaging for any of you? Why or why not? I might tell Mrs Joyce that we should do this one too! I like the science you doooo! 🙂

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