Your tier 2 word of the week is frantically. This word was used in the book Toad Away, written by Paul Jennings. This is the sentence that used the word in the book, “He squeezed out from under Goliath and signalled frantically to Charm to come and help”.

The word frantically means to act in a manner that is hurried, stressed, chaotic, terrified or excited.

Your first home work task for the week is to try and write the most descriptive sentence or paragraph that uses the word frantically. You will need to post that sentence as a comment under this post. Make sure you revise and proofread your sentence/paragraph before posting the comment. If you do not have access to the internet at home you can write your sentence/paragraph on a piece of paper and then write it as a comment on the blog at school. This will be due on Friday 22nd of February.

Other homework tasks you may complete include working on finishing quality seeds in your writers’ notebook. Remember you need to complete 10 quality seeds before drafting. A quality seed is one that has unpacked all of your thoughts and ideas about the chosen topic and can be turned into a genre of writing. Your seeds should also use some powerful language such as replacing boring words with synonyms. Remember you can also comment on our science experiment post below.