More Seed Ideas

Here are some more ideas for seeds. Some of these seeds you would be able to turn into genres such as snapshots, recounts, information reports or persuasive pieces of writing. For some of the seeds you may choose to do a think/feel/wonder, describe past experiences or you may research the topic further by using the internet or books.

Dolphins Surfing
Massive Spider

5 thoughts on “More Seed Ideas

  1. Thank you Mr Andrew for your help for more seed ideas. I think it would be awesome if I was surfing and a pod of dolphins came swimming towards me and I wonder how big the spider is?

  2. They are very great seed ideas to give you a headstart! You could do an info report about triantulars/spiders, you could persuade someone to stay out of water, you could do a recount about going canoeing, so on and so forth, but they are great seed ideas!

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