Open Minded Portrait – Media

Today you are going to complete an open minded portrait from some media clips. You need to put yourself into James Arthur’s shoes and write down his feelings and thoughts on his journey through the British version of X Factor. Use sticky notes to track your thoughts throughout the clips and begin to think about why he is thinking and feeling this.

You will then complete the open minded portrait in your books and will eventually publish them using the laptops. We will also post some of the open minded portraits on our blog.

11 thoughts on “Open Minded Portrait – Media

  1. James authur went to X-factor and went to help his family get back together hoping that he will get to the next round with a song he wrote himself and in the end he had won x-factor and sang a song at the finals called Impossible.

  2. I think james Arthur did great job I holp that james Arthur well singing other great song like that song a again.

  3. I think James Arthur tried his best to sing awesome and make it though to the finials James is a really positive person to the video and is a fabulous singer. Good luck with your next songs i hope heaps on people will enjoy your singing.

  4. Title: Impossible
    Author: James Arthur
    SLIS: There was a young boy who believed that life was hard and he lived an awful life after his parents split up, he lives in a small apartment which a bed could only fit in.
    I really hate my life and where I live because I had a terrible life and days in school by getting suspended.
    I always blamed my parents on all my behaviour at school but then I realised I just had to grow up and behave.
    I feel nervous to come onto the stage to perform in front of a huge crowd and sing my amazing song to everyone and I hope they will like my song.
    I think the crowd and my family are really enjoying my fabulous song and my groovy awesome moves.
    I feel proud of myself for getting a YES from all of the overjoyed judges and I really do hope my family all say YES to my song as well.
    I was really frustrated because I might not make it through to the next level and sing more of my delightful songs.
    I felt so excited for actually winning the X Factor because I could be famous and I am a singer now. Hopefully this will make my family stay together.

  5. Title: Imposable,
    Author: Jamie Arthur
    SLIS: Jamie Arthur is a man went on X-Factor and sang songs in front of everyone. He has won the X-Factor and then his life became better after he won the X-Factor.
    I have been getting in trouble in school since my parents have stopped talking to each other. I want to do something to make my parents be delighted, and if I do something to reunite my family it will make my mum and my dad talk again, to each other.
    I think that my mum and my dad could do something about this but now I have to something about this.
    I have just got an audition on X-Factor and I get to see if my family will reunite.
    I feel nervous because I sing a song in front of everyone. I feel scared because there are lots of people there to watch me audition. I really want to be a singer because my mum and my dad love it. They really want me to do it, and I think that if I win this, my family will stay the same and will not stop talking to each other again.

  6. James Author had a very hard life and going onto that stage is like taking a big step of life to get up on that stage and sing his wonderful songs to try to make it to the end and it did.

  7. Media Response – Open Minded Portrait
    Title: Impossible
    Author: James Arthur
    SLIS: A man with hard life entries a completion.
    My life is hard and I hate where I live I can only fit a bed in there. I use music to express my feelings. I used to get suspended at school because of my anger. I used to blame my parents for it all but then I realised that I’m the one that has to grow up.
    I feel worried because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I feel amazed because everyone loved my performance, I think. I hope the judges like my performance I can tell the audience did. I was in tears because I got through to the next round.
    What is my mentor going to say? It looks like it is going to be a no. I feel overjoyed because I got through to the next round. I feel amazed because I made it through and won.
    By Chloe

  8. This was on our blog, AND IT ALWAYS GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD. Its not nice, not nice at all. I’m not making fun of his voice its just that it DESTRUCTS me from education/homework. 🙂
    He is an amazayn singer with SUPER TALENTS. He really deserves a reward for all that he has been through. The stress that cam and visited him was so terrifying for him its so AWESOME that he got through it. The passion he sings with in his voice is truly more than superstar expectations. When he sang impossible (love song) it didn’t sound like a love song it sounded like take things higher and higher because nothing is impossible.
    I believe that nothing is impossible.

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