Homework – Week 5

Your homework for week 5 is to write our tier two word (effortlessly) into the most descriptive sentence possible. Remember that effortlessly means to do something without really trying. Most of you have had a go at completing a hand written sentence, can you please also put your sentence onto the blog underneath this post. The sentence needs to be completed by Friday 29th February.

The second part of your homework is to finish your snapshot seed on the Tasmanian bushfires. Refer to the post below to help you unpack this seed.

16 thoughts on “Homework – Week 5

  1. I ran EFFORTLESSLY in my cross country run while my bestfriend FRANTICALLY sprints behind me across the muddy race tracks while she slips, slides and falles down trying to catch up to me.

    1. Well done Nyetap. You did very good making your words bolder with making them in capitals, and I also liked how you used frantically aswell, great job.

  2. I EFFORTLESSLY ran away from the most biggest turtle, it was so slow I stopped to take 9000 pictures of the most DELAPITATED Squirrel I have ever seen in my whole life.

    1. Good job Shani, I liked the whole sentence it was really good, it was funny. Noone could have taking 9000 photos of a squirrel no matter how slow the turtle was. But still it was funny. I like your imagination. Here’s a thought that you could have down, have the turtle wrestling you and make the turtle effortlessly winning against whatever or whoever it’s wrestling. That would be LOL like your comment. Great job, great effort or was it effortlessly :), which ever one of those it is great job.
      From Logan

  3. I effortlessly ran to the ball on a stormy winters day and got it back with ease, whilst my tired and out of breath, hardworking opponent ran frantically to get the explosive fluffy green wet ball I hit.

  4. I effortlessly did my maths while people did it frantically in my maths rotation at school under the bright lightthen suddenly the power went off. not really

  5. Hi mr Andrew, I was wondering which grade won with what word and sentence, and what was our grade’s sentence.

  6. I effortlessly decided to stay outside on a disgustingly hot blazing day, meanwhile later that very hot day, I got very badly sunburnt.

  7. I effortlessly ran away from my litter brother when he needed to play on my iPod and I don’t want him to.

  8. I effortlessly run a 5 kilometre race, while everyone else was trailing like sloths compered to a cheater.

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