Graffiti Art in Melbourne

Use the images below to unpack a quality seed in your writers notebook.

  • Think about what some of the graffiti art represents.
  • Why do people graffiti?
  • What did you think about the graffiti? How did it make you feel?
  • Should graffiti be illegal or legal? Give reason for your opinions.

6 thoughts on “Graffiti Art in Melbourne

  1. People who come from another country.
    People don’t have a job or there homeless.
    Some people might have dangerous stuff in there suitcases.
    They bring different food and clothes and a different languages.
    They help us by giving the country knew stuff they are bringing more people to Australia.

  2. Graffiti is sometimes a way to express how people feel and thinks. Sometimes people graffiti so they can get things of their chest. Sometimes graffiti makes me feel alone because all these people around me that had a hard life. I think graffiti should be legal because people can express their emotions through art.

  3. I like graffiiti in ally ways because they aren’t in the way and it brightens up the ally way. If they are done nice and neat then they look good anywhere. The name squiggles look bad.

  4. Graffiti should be ilegal if you don’t have a permit If you have a permit you can get a way with it all the time with the permit only. People with a permit are artis and it looks awesome.

  5. I think graffiti should be allowed only if you have permission.
    I think more people should do graffiti more often it looks like fun and it can get colourful.

  6. Have you seen the delightful, colourful and amazing graffiti in Melbourne? I strongly believe that graffiti should be allowed in certain places in Australian for certain reasons.
    Graffiti should be in certain places of Australia such as ally ways in cities where people don’t get offended about words or pictures that are sometimes used in graffiti.
    Graffiti can represent Australia’s culture and other people’s lives including bad moments at different places around the world. It can represent the way people feel. Graffiti makes depressed people happier and amazed about the effort and the fabulous work people did.
    Graffiti gets a mess when people do rude things on walls/ally ways like sentences that are rotten and atrocious with awful words on it so only people with permits should graffiti.
    Graffiti should have a ban for people that make our fantastic graffiti rotten and disgusting so we have more people liking graffiti. That’s all my opinions on why graffiti should be allowed.

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