Homework – Week 6

Your homework for week 6 is to write a comment underneath the Graffiti Art in Melbourne post. Your comment can be based on one of the following:

  • Should graffiti be allowed in certain areas of Melbourne if artists have a permit? Why/Why not?
  • Describe in a paragraph what you thought of the graffiti art in Melbourne.

Your homework will be due on Tuesday 12th of March.

14 thoughts on “Homework – Week 6

  1. I though that the graffiti was awesome because it showed what people are thinking and feeling. I also thought that it was horrific that people have graffitied over the amazing art work that many different people have done such as Will Smith picture was drawn over, which is really bad.

  2. It should only be in parts of Melbourne and with a permit only. The graffiti looks great.

  3. I think only some of the graffiti looked fantastic but some of it was unnecessary with the swearing. It made the place look dirty and unsafe!

  4. I think that the graffiti was amazing. how they do that.
    I think they did a great job every one should have a try
    and they have a great taste in art work.

  5. I think that the graffiti was amazing and that the people that draw all the amazing art works have a true identity of art and have a great taste in art.
    I think that the only people that should be drawing in the Melbourne cities are people with permits so they don’t scribble all over the Melbourne city walls.
    I also think that people should not just paint in any kinds of places, they should have to have a permit and should be allowed to ask someone before they start painting somewhere.

  6. I think even if the spectacular artist do have a permit, they still should not spray graffiti as I think it just smothers and ruins the town with messy writing all over the walls. I thought that the graffiti was great when it was done by an actual artist, except by the fact that it was all ruined because it was splodged all over the whole city! I think they should make it only in some parts of Melbourne. I thought all the graffiti made Melbourne look devastating, and a bit more dangerous.

  7. I think that graffiti can only be allowed in certain types of places because it looks beautiful and terrific in some places in others it just looks horrible and disgusting.

  8. I think graffiti can be only in certain types of areas because if graffiti were to be all over the walls everywhere it would make towns and cities look horrible so graffiti should be only be allowed in certain areas such as alleyways, or behind a house when i saw the graffiti in Melbourne I thought it was magnificent because of how detailed the pictures were.

  9. I personally think that the graffiti in Melbourne was great and the put a lot of effort in to it and expressed their feelings. I believe artist with permits should only grafiti on the walls of Melbourne.

  10. I thought the graffiti was really awesome because of the delighted effort that people have put in to the work the graffiti was very neat but the graffiti, had some swear words that offeneded people in different ways. I also thought the swear words made the graffiti looks rotten in ways of messy ness the graffiti was amazing by how it was set out by being splatted up the walls made the graffiti look fantastic.

  11. I thought the graffiti was very creative and had alot of effet in it and it made me feel like i wanted to be a graffiti artest because the work was amazing and it instiered me to help keep the graffiti legal because it is fantastic.

  12. Have you seen the amazing graffite in Melbouurne. These people love to do graffiti, you can’t destroy what these people like to do, maybe their dream is to became the best artist in the world. The graffiti looks fabulous.

  13. I think the graffiti in Melbourne was fantastic because it was so detailed they put ever single little touch into the graffiti that they did on the wall of Melbourne it was just covered in beautiful graffiti in the alley ways there were movie stars and even cartoon characters and all sort of stuff.

  14. I think the graffiti in Melbourne where absolutely terrific and they should do it only in the ally ways or train tunnels or other places were it can’t be seen when you’re walking past shops. I think that some of them people ruined other peoples work by writing bad words over it.

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