Immigration – What is it?

Use the grade’s blog to have a go at answering these questions in sentences about immigration. To answer the questions, think about what you heard and saw at the immigration museum and look at some of the photos that were taken yesterday.

Type your response in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into a comment underneath this post.

  • What is immigration?
  • Why do people need to migrate to Australia?
  • Why were/are some people not allowed to migrate to Australia?
  • What skills/products have immigrants brought to Australia?
  • How has immigration helped Australia?

14 thoughts on “Immigration – What is it?

  1. 1: Immigration is when someone or a family moves from a different country because they need a better life away from some problem in their country.
    2: I think people migrate to Australia so they can get a job, there are no wars here, they need better money, it’s a free country and they will be accepted most of the time!
    3: some people are not allowed to migrate to Australia if they have no skills in jobs, serious contagious diseases, wildlife, drugs, for being a criminal and many more reasons. 50 years ago being disabled or poor would also reject you.
    4: Immigrants have brought many disease, wildlife and materials in to Australia that have both destroyed and saved our native/known things.
    5: Immigration has changed/helped Australia by changing our thoughts about racism, they have taught us many different wonderful ways to work, cook or hobbies. They have worked and paid for Australia and made it a better place.

  2. Immigration is coming from another country legally to live in a different country.
    People migrate to Australia because they might have wars in their country or just want a better life style, or too many disasters in their country.
    Some people weren’t allowed to come to Australia because they had diseases or a criminal record.
    Immigrants have brought with them different clothes, different foods, different way of living and a different culture.
    Immigration has helped Australia grow in many different ways such as making homes in different types of ways, immigrants brought over more food, supplies, different recipes, their way of living and their way of living.

  3. 1. Immigration is where people come in Australia for many driffenrt reasons.
    2. People need to immigrate to Australia because of disaster, to be with family that live in Australia, also because of wars and conflict, also because freedom for all the wars disasters and for a better life then what they have in their home country.
    3. Some people were not allowed to immigrate to Australia because of health reasons and because they might be bringing in diseases into Australia and also some people might have a criminal record.
    4. A skill that can be brought to Australia is artistry, building, trading skills and educational skills. Some products that could be bring to Australia is sweets such as cupcakes and cakes, they can also bring in drugs and dead animals.
    5. It has helped Australia become multi-cultural and different types of food have been introduced into Australia by people from many different countries.

  4. Immigration is when people from other countries try to come into Australia (or it can happen in other countries as well) but sometimes they don’t succeed in doing it for a lot of harsh, and very bad reasons.
    People immigrate to Australia because they have got a loving family to catch up to, they move here because there can be a lot of natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, and many more, they can move here because they have no choice but to move here because there are wars going on in their country.
    Some people are not allowed to immigrate to Australia because they could be deadly criminals on a hit and run trying to run away from police, they could be carrying drugs and sneaking them into Australia, they could be carrying any dangerous weapons or animals to Australia.
    Some people that come to Australia can have skills like being a very hard employed working man/woman, they could be fantastic artists (like the graffiti we saw in Melbourne), but on the bad side the products they can have could be like very deadly objects such as weapons, animals and more bad things.
    Immigration has helped Australia be more multi-cultural, less racist to others, it has helped us learn their culture such as their languages or could be what happens in their country, it has helped us meet more people and see their personalities it has also helped a lot more country feel a lot more welcomed to Australia.

  5. Immigration is when people come over from overseas to come to a different country.
    People need to migrate to Australia because they want a better life or their family is there some people try to come to Australia illegally by boat because they could not be bothered waiting, they know they won’t get in or there could be too many disasters that frightened them.
    Some people aren’t allowed to migrate to Australia because they could be diseased, the population is too massive or we have reached the amount of people allowed in for the year {20,000} or their immigration interview wasn’t good enough.
    Immigrants that have come to Australia have made tons of things such as noodles from the Asian sushi from the Japanese and tacos from the Mexicans.
    Immigration has helped Australia a lot because they’ve made different sports up for us to make us have fun, we eat different foods and drink different drinks, and they have made a lot of clothing for us.

  6. Immigration
    What is immigration? Immigration is when people come to Australia for a better life
    Why do people need to immigrate to Australia? People come to Australia because they want a better life or they country is having a war or to meet with their family. Why were some people not allowed to immigrate to Australia? Because there caring a diseases or a disability or sometimes if they don’t have a talent like building. . What products have immigrants brought to Australia? Some people bot some clothes an animals like cows sheepHow has immigration helped Australia? It help Australia because there not much criminals and diseases.

  7. I think immigration is when you move to a different country from where you live and from where you were placed.
    I think people migrate to Australia to have a better life, be safer, freedom, escape disaster, family, war and conflict.
    I think some people aren’t allowed to immigrate to Australia because some people have things wrong with them, wife/girlfriend or children/child, people who are dangerous weren’t allowed to immigrate to Australia.
    I think that people have brought heaps of skills to Australia such as if you work at skilled shops like nail artists or other different things.
    I think that Australia is safer and we have a lot of people that immigrated to Australia to help them and that helps us a little.

  8. Immigration is where someone came to another country for a better life. For better money life and so people can get diseases off then so people don’t catch them. Because they might have criminal records and might be really DANGERS. People might bring drugs, food, animal parts, wild animals and silk. With multicultural and if they did not come we would not be multicultural.

  9. Immigration
    Immigration is when someone moves from one country to another country.
    People come to Australia because they need a job or they don’t have jobs in their country. Some people move to Australia for a better and safer life.

  10. Immigration is when other people move to other countries for freedom. Some people like to move in Australia because they want a better life. They want jobs to help them in different ways and to try and get lots of money to help their family or to help other people that don’t have food and clothes in different countries. Like when I lived in Africa I saw lots of people that didn’t have clothes and food and some kids died because they didn’t have money to take their kids to the doctor.

  11. Immigration is when someone comes from another country to another country like Australia.
    People come to Australia because there a disaster likes an earthquakes tsunami etc.…… For fined they family that they did not sore them from a long time. War and conflict and sometimes is the only thing is to go to another country. Some country they don’t have freedom like Australia. A better life to search something better home, job and health.
    Some people are not allowed to go migrate to Australia because they don’t have skills, disease, o they bringing food that they should not take here, animals and drugs.
    Like they good works.
    To make Australia multicultural.

  12. I think immigration is when you move t0 a different country.
    People move to Australia because of wars, better life and to be safer.
    It cost a lot of money from the government to pay to cover the things that were wrong like being deaf, blind and hospital care and diseases.
    Immigrants bring to Australia food, new cars and taxi drivers in Melbourne.
    Immigrants help Australia by being poplar because there wouldn’t be so much people if there was only Australians so that’s why the government has gave in and let different kinds of people.

    Immigration is when people from other countries move to a certain country for freedom or for a better life.
    People keep trying to migrate to Australia because they might want a better life and they might want to make a family over there.
    They might want to have jobs to support their families in lots of different ways and to try and get all the money they can to help and feed their families.
    People are not allowed to migrate to Australia because they might be dangerous people such as killers or drunken people that want to come here. Most people that want to move to Australia can have diseases or they might just have illegal things that they have in their suitcases.
    Lots of people that have migrated to Australia have bought different types of food for each other and other family members that they know that live in Australia.
    Immigration has helped Australia because most of the Australians have learnt and have become multicultural. All the people that live in Australia are getting to know about each other and each other’s cultural, plus it means we will get to know about other kinds of traditions and traditional foods that other people eat in their countries. It could also help us understand each other with the way you communicate with your family members or most of your friends.

  14. Wow Nyetap I really enjoyed your long sentences they were really discreptive and well done keep up the work and try and write that much on all of your posts that you post.

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