World Maths Day – 6/3/2013

Wednesday is World Maths Day. There is a link on the right hand side of this page under the heading blogroll, which will take you to the Mathletics website. Feel free to get onto the site and practise your maths. Remember that you should try and challenge yourself by choosing harder levels. Your username and password should have been written in your diary and/or maths book.

6 thoughts on “World Maths Day – 6/3/2013

  1. I like what Logan said, I wish that world maths day was all the time because it is so exciting and fun !!

  2. I think it is fantastic having a day for everyone to play against
    each other and learn at the same time.

  3. I think that world maths day is very helpful tool to learn your sums and timestables and it has a time limit and that can help with your speed when answering a question.

  4. World maths day isn’t just for people to impove on their work, it’s also to compete against other.

  5. World maths day is really cool because it helps us with our maths and we also get to compete aganist others around the world and at different schools.

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