Tier 2 Word – Week 6

Our grade’s tier 2 word for this week is migrate. Please have a go at putting this word in the most descriptive sentence that you can produce. Try to remember to use powerful adjectives and synonyms.

Migrate meanings – 

  1. Where an animal moves from one area/habitat to a new area/habitat.
  2. Where a person moves from one country to another.

12 thoughts on “Tier 2 Word – Week 6

  1. I migrated to Australia to start a new life with my amazing, loving family because life in Turkey was devastating and lonely.

  2. I migrated to the wonderful, explorational Japan, as the great and powerful Australia had devastating natural disasters, and to make it worse, there were horrible, terrible wars.

    1. I was living in India as I was forced to migrate to Australia as my family was dying and in danger.

  3. War forced me to migrate from Africa to Australia and I was very lonley because I had to leave all my loving and caring family behind.

  4. I lived in a big full city with heaps of people, so I had to migrate to a small lonely town where there was nobody.

  5. I migrated from Sudan to Australia because there was a lot of voilence and being in Australia is much better living and I can have a good education for my future.

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