Australian Flag Persuasive Writing – 5/6A

After watching a video about John Blaxland’s new Australian flag Proposal (a link to the flag and the video can be found in an earlier post), the students in 5/6A completed some persuasive pieces on whether the Australian flag should be kept or replaced. Below are some examples.

Please feel free to post your own thoughts about Australia’s flag and whether you believe it should be maintained or replaced.

7 thoughts on “Australian Flag Persuasive Writing – 5/6A

  1. I think that the poeple that have done this work has worked really hard and I belevie that the australia flag should change because it clearly doesn’t repersent Australia.

  2. It is fantastic that people are publishing there persuasive pieces and I bet you they’re really fantastic.

  3. I like the Australian flag just the way it is. Why would they want to change it? It is simple and looks good.

  4. I have reasons on why we should and shouldn’t change the Australian flag. There are benefits for both sides.
    I think we should change the Australian flag because the current Australian flag doesn’t really represent the aboriginals the union jack is British and we’re not from Great Britain.
    I think we shouldn’t change the Australian flag because on our flag it has most of our symbols (Southern Cross and the commonwealth or federation star), which means it represents all the states and territories in Australia.
    I think we should change the Australian flag because some of the other flags have our sports colours on it and that would be better because it will represents us more and make us feel proud to be Australian.
    I think it would be better to change the flag to our sports colours and more of our country’s symbols because there are symbols on John Blaxland’s flag that represent us more, but I also understand reasons why we shouldn’t change our flag.

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