Open-Minded Portraits – 5/6A

Below are some of 5/6As open-minded portraits, which were based on James Arthur’s journey on Britain’s X-Factor. To view the media on which these responses were written from, scroll down and find the videos about James Arthur.

Feel free to click on one of the samples and comment and provide some positive feedback for these two open-minded portraits.

5 thoughts on “Open-Minded Portraits – 5/6A

  1. I think James Authur was a fantastic singer and that he deserves to win X-factor and the song Impossible will be a hit single.

  2. I think that with this open mined portraits that we have all really thought about how James Aurthur would feel and why he is feeling that.

  3. I think that we all really thought about James Arthur. What James Arthur felt and how James Arthur’s family felt.

  4. James Arthur would’ve felt very, very nervous at the start of the competition because the Croydon was cheering at him, and he would’ve felt more nervous throughout the completion because the judges tricked him, because they put on fake emotional actions to trick him, making him think hs was going home, at the end, he felt very excited, and relieved he survived the whole competition.

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