Grade 6 tshirt Designs


Hi everyone,
Here are some photos of the grade 6 t-shirts we will be ordering at the end of next week. The windcheater isnt on there but it is like the school windcheater, all burgandy with a white school logo on the front and the chosen desing on the back in white as well.

19 thoughts on “Grade 6 tshirt Designs

  1. Remember that orders are due back by Wednesday. It is not compulsory to order the t-shirts, jumper or jacket. But it would be good if the grade 6s all got a t-shirt at least to commemorate your last year at Liddiard Road Primary School. Remember that these items of clothing can be worn as your school uniform for the remainder of the year.

    1. Nyanom – The grade six clothes will be in the school colours so it matches our uniform. The only difference is that they will have a bit of white on them like the grade six tops over the last few years.

    2. ahahaha 🙂 These are so cute! They will look so cute on everyone!-Except for the boys. 🙂

  2. Thank you for explaining the different colours of the uniform. I think that they will look nice if we put different colours on them.

  3. I think that they are fantastic and that every single grade 6’s should wear the most awesomest, coolest and amazing T-shirts, jackets and windcheaters ever. Thank you for choosing this design for the T-shirts, jackets and windcheaters.

  4. The t-shirts look very creative, and extremely fantastically smart, I think they would look great on grade 6’s

  5. The grade 6 t-shirts are awesome and really creative i think that most people will really enjoy the fabulous t-shirts that are made.

  6. I like the new grade 6 uniform. THEY TAKE AGES TO GET HERE!!! WHEN ARE THEY COMING MR ANDREWS??? They will look so pretty once we see them, don’t you agree???I think that they will look really good when we are wearing them because we are so pretty EXCEPT for the boys. 😀 😛

      1. AREN’T THEY COMING THIS WEEK AT ANY TIME?? I will look so FANTABULOUS. I am going to wear mine at camp. I like how the people making our t-shirts spend their hard work and effort into printing out t-shirts but that little annoys me because they spend all their time wisely in a slow process and it TAKES SO LONG TO GET HERE. But its OK, I have taken a few chill pills and I know that they are coming soon. 🙂

  7. The grade 6 tops look good. Not fantabulous but good. UNFORTUNATELY I got paint al over mine so I put hairspray on it and hopefully I don’t look like the leaves and the green will wash off my shirt. 😀
    I like how its says Grade 6 Legends because it describes who we are and all the people that are. Although I wouldn’t agree with most of the names…. 🙂

  8. These jackets and jumpers were fantastic ideas (even though I’m not a grade 6). It looked fantastic with all of the designs and names of all people in grade 6 but the one thing I don’t like is how my name is on it. But next year when I’m in grade 6, I will definitely buy one. It was a superb idea.

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