Home and Away

Home and Away is a story written by John Marsden. It’s a story which helps students understand illegal immigrants’ fight for freedom.

Share your thoughts on the book and describe how it made you feel.

6 thoughts on “Home and Away

  1. As I have not heard part two I am not sure what had happened but part one was very normal until the war had came along and when they had got on the ship but before that the grandma had died they tried to cover her with tree branches but got rushed and on the ship the boys dad got stabbed and died.

  2. I visualise that the mum is running around the house and lost her key and she is yelling to me where is my keys and mum got upset beacuse she lost her key and she doesn’t know where she put, the keys. Now mum can’t go to the work beacuse she lost her keys and dad went to work before mum. Now no one will drive mum to the work because dad had left. I want to go to my friends house and no I can’t.

  3. I thought this book was fantastic! Very great book to read if you find it. I felt sad for the poor mum and dad, and especially the kids/teenagers.

  4. It’s a sad story for people who come to Australia. They want to get in but they can’t.
    Some dont have a dad or a mum.

  5. Home and away is a really sad story but it tells you about immigration around the world and if you had something wrong with you or a child then they cant come to Australia.

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