18 thoughts on “Science – Making Slime

  1. How did it feel when you finished it? Did it feel slimey and gooey?
    I think that it would feel slimey because of the borax and Pva glue.

  2. Mr Andrew, Mrs Joyces grade made slime in science and it was really cool. When you were trying to collect it all up mine didn’t collect up so Mrs joyce added more borax. It ended up really slimey and it ripped really easy.

  3. I think the borax helped it stick together easier and the slime was only sticky in the water when we mixed it.

  4. The icky sticky slime was made with borax that looked like sugar, wet water and sticky PVA glue. In one bowl we hade borax and water and in the other one we hade water and PVA glue. After that we mixed the 2 bowls together and then we had to take the slime out of the bowl and make it into a little ball. It was bouncey and it was white. It felt squishy, slimey and sticky, It looked like a little slimey ball and it ripped very easily.

  5. When we make slime we use borax and lots water and borax, slowly
    we mix them together and they turn to the slimy ball.

  6. It was amazing how the glue and borax formed a great big ball of slime, and it was great how we got to keep it!
    Thank you Mr.andrew

  7. When I had to mix it, it felt disgusting and the water made it stickier! Thank you Mr andrew.

  8. It is amazing how we make the glue and borax together I love making it again
    Mr Andrew can we make it again.

  9. I think that the slim wasn’t going to look like slime at first, but when I tried making it all of then my thoughts changed throughout the process because I thought that the slime wouldn’t work but it ended up working anyways. I thought it was amazing. Thank you Mr Andrews for that science and I really want to make the slime again it was the best science we have done so far and it was fantastic.

  10. The slime was really slippery in the water but when we took the slime out id dried up a little and then it became harder the i was in the bowl i think that the PVA glue made the slime stick together and be strong that way the slime also smelt a bit like PVA glue but i think that the slime turned out fabulous i also discoved that if you, leave the slime out it dries out to be really hard.

  11. We made this too! It was so fun but my hands got all sticky and I couldn’t wash it off very well. For my grade I recommended it. 🙂

  12. Thanyou Mr. Andrews for giving me the chance to do science with the class. It has been fun estimating what would happen and watching what would really happen. I liked how we got to take the slime home and it was very fun to make because it felt like marshmallows. I hope that we get to do science experiments later on this year.

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