Time to see who is looking at the blog over the long weekend. Here are four word problems that you can have go at working out and solving. You will need to think about what each question is asking, think about how you’re going to solve the problem and please check your answers before posting them as a comment. Please number your answers so they match the questions.

1. A student was working on publishing an information report on their computer. On Monday they typed 237 words. On Tuesday, the student typed 46 more words than they typed on Monday. How many words is their information report?

2. 82 students competed in the 800m race (2 laps around the oval). 13 students stopped during the first lap and 27 students stopped during the second lap. How many students finished the race?

3. Β At the beginning of the year each student needed 4 books. If there were 21 students, how many books were needed?

4. Two grades worked on a project together. One grade had 19 students and the other grade had 21. The teachers split them up into 8 equal groups. How many were in each group?

13 thoughts on “MATH WORD PROBLEMS

  1. 1) He typed 283 words altogether in his information report.
    2) 42 kids completed the 800m and 40 kids didn’t complete it.
    3)84 books would be needed to supply all the students.
    4) You can’t do it but if you ca there are three or four in each group.

      1. I’ll do it again.
        1) He typed a total of 520 words over the two days.
        2)42 kid completed the long 800m and 40 didn’t.
        3) To supply all the kids with right amount of books it would take 84 books.
        4)the teachers would of put them into groups of 5. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  2. 1. The answer is 46+237= 283 then you add 237 more which is 520 words in his information report he typed over the two days.
    2. The answer is 13+27=40 then minus 40 off 82 which equals 42, so 42 people completed their 800 meters and 40 didn’t complete their gruelling 800 meters.
    3. The answer is 4×21 which equals 84, so between the 21 students they needed 84 books altogether.
    4. The answer is 21+19 which equals 40 which then becomes 40 divided by 8 which equals 5, therefore the answer is 5.

  3. 1)237+46=283 words in the imformation report,
    2)82-13=69-27=42 students finshed the race,
    3)21×4=84 books needed in the grade,
    4)19+21=21 dived by 8=5 in a group.

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