Homework Week 7 – Australian Images

Aussie Road Train
Uluru and unpredictable weather
Australian Beaches
Dry deserted land and wildlife

Pick one of the Australian images above and make sure you read the caption.

– What makes this picture Australian?

– Why is it important to Australians? How does it impact/assist Australia?

Write a rough copy paragraph in Microsoft Word. Check your work and then post it as a comment.
Your homework will be due on Tuesday 19th February.







21 thoughts on “Homework Week 7 – Australian Images

  1. I have picked the sports.
    What makes this picture Australian?
    It makes it Australian because many people play sports in Australia and many people support their teams in Australia.
    How does it impact/assist Australia?
    It impacts on Australia because we have more cultural things.
    Why is it important to Australians?
    It is important to Australians because we like when Australian wins which is making us more competitive.

  2. I have picked the cricket because it is an Australian game and it is
    very good game. Lots of people in Australia love it. Cricket is played between two sides, each having eleven players a side.
    They toss a coin to determine whether they bowl or bat first. One team bats first by sending two players on to the pitch with timber bats. One batter takes guard it front of three stumps with bails called wickets. There is also another set of wickets twenty metres away where the other batter stands as the runner. The other side is in the field around the pitch in different fielding positions. Ran out of time will finish tomorrow…

  3. I think the cricket picture is Australian because its our sport and our Australian team. I think Australia’s cricket team is our sport to share with others. I think cricket reflects Australia and our enjoyment of sport.

  4. I have picked the Australian beaches because it is the most Popular place in Australia because every hot day millions of people go to the beach each hot day.
    It is important to Australia because if we didn’t have beaches Australia wouldn’t be so popular.

  5. I have chosen Uluru because Uluru is a huge orange rock and it is sometimes called Ayres Rock
    Uluru is one of the famous Australian landmarks that is known by lots of Australians.
    Lots of people visit Uluru and lots of people love vistiting Uluru because it is a famous Australian landmark that is wanted to be seen by lots of people.
    Uluru has lots of tiny bushes surrounding it and there are evan trees around the bushes.
    Uluru is a huge rock in the middle of a desert in Northern Territory.
    Uluru is bright orange and red by day but when it is night the colour fades and then it turns into a colour that looks like red and grey have been mixed.
    Ayers rock can turn into colours that sort of look like red and orange such as red and orange mixed together, orange and yellow mixed together, red and grey mixed together and a really dark red that sort of looks like dark brown but not exactly brown, plus that colour only shows sometimes when it is night time.

  6. That’s really good Nyetap. You should give your self a pat on the back. 🙂

  7. I have picked Uluru and unpredictable weather, this picture of Uluru and the lightning is Australian because Australia always has unpredictible weather, and how it happens all the time (Especially Queensland), there are even lots of pictures of the unpredictible weather. Uluru is Australian as it is the worlds largest rock formed by nature AKA airs rock
    These pictures impact/assist on Australia as the unpredictible weather happens all the time, like how we had a heatwave, tornado, floods and bush fires, all in the same week; which just goes to show how unpredictible the weather can be! Uluru is impacts on how hot and dry the weather is over here in Australia, and how dried up most of Australia is in fact only, mainly the outline of Australia are the parts that are not deserted.
    This image is important as the unpredictible weather can help give us more supply of water, such as the rain (which could turn into a bad flood) the hot days give us more supply of sun, so we can grow, and plants can grow aswell. Uluru is very important as it is a very important, cultural landmark that is a symbol for Australia, and this is the only country with the largest rock, so we should be lucky!!
    Thank you!

  8. I choose Uluru because it is known in nearly every counter I the Southern Hemisphere.
    Why is it Australian?
    It is Australian because Uluru was discovers by aboriginal people who were the first people to explore Australia.
    Why is this important to Australia/ how does it is help Austraia??
    This is important to Australia because it brings tourist and lots of money that bosses will snigger over and that is also t helps Australia. P.S not that the bosses will snigger over the money they get.

  9. i thin cricket is Australian. cricket is a sport that you vs other people from different country’s. cricket is play in the capital of Victoria witch is Melbourne. other sport’s are also famous from around Australia.

  10. I have chosen the exotic sport of cricket.
    That picture is Australian because it shows that Australia never gives up and it also shows our competitive nature in sports and life.
    It is important to Australians because they like to show their determination for the team and support to show other country’s that Australia is a really good sporting country and gracious when they lose.

  11. I have picked the dry desert land and wildlife picture.
    What makes this picture Australian?
    I think that it is Australian because we know that kangaroos are Australian and other native animals in the dry land desert.
    How does it impact/assist Australia?
    The picture assists Australians by warning them that there are kangaroos ahead for the next 190 km.
    Why is it important to Australians?
    The picture is important to Australians because of the connection to deserts and wildlife in Australia.

  12. Cricket is a game of two teams between eleven players. it is played with the bat and ball as well as it is divded into six overs. cricket game is established with the team sport it is the most popular sport in the world. in the cricket there are three of bawlers like fast bawlers, spin bawlers and medium pace bawler. the ball has bounces oly one time before reaching the batsman. in the sport of cricket, the bawling is like a action of propelling the bal towards the wicket difended by a basman. it is played on the grass fIeld and roughly in the oval shape. all basman plaus the ball with the wooden type of cricket bat and the remanining membars of the bauyer’s team stand with the different positions. in the game if the batsman not out, they run between the wickets and exchanging ends with the second batsman.

    1. That was a very great homework piece, Nyanom, you used a lot of detail and description and I think it’s a really good homework.
      Well done Nyanom.

  13. I chose the dry desert one.
    What makes this picture Australian?
    It’s Australian because Australia is known by it’s desert lands because most of Australia is desert.
    How does this impact/assist Australia?
    This picture assists Australians because the sign is warning you that in the next 190 kilometers that there’s going to be kangaroos.
    Why is it important to Australia?
    This picture is important because it represents the deserts that Australia is known for and its wildlife.

  14. I have picked Uluru.
    Uluru was formly known as Air Rock untill 1987 when it was returned to the Aborginals.
    It was Australian beacuse Uluru was discovered by Australias native people the Aborginal.
    Uluru brings alot of tourist and thats what help Australia become richer.

  15. i picked the sports picture because everyone in a
    Australia whants to be a star and cricket is an amazing Australian sportand people show what they can do so sport represents Australia.

  16. Cricket represents Australia because cricket is made from Australia. Lots of Australian love cricket like me and Australian people love sport.

  17. I picked the desert picture.
    – What makes this picture Australian? This makes this picture Australian because it has the kangaroo sign and in Australia the deserts are hot and extremely dry. As shown in this picture the desert is very long and dry, it represents the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
    – Why is it important to Australians? How does it impact/assist Australia? This assists Australia by attracting people to live here which is making the government money to spend on more tourist attractions.

  18. I picked the deset
    – What makes this picture Australian? because Australia has the most desets and hadly any one lives there or animals and and now one gose on the road

    – Why is it important to Australians? How does it impact/assist Australia? because i has half of australian wild liffe there

    Write a rough copy paragraph in Microsoft Word. Check your work and then post it as a comment.
    Your homework will be due on Tuesday 19th February.

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