Tier 2 Word – Week 7

Our tier two word for this week is sniggered.

Sniggered means to laugh in a mean way towards another person.

An example of sniggered being used in a sentence is… The boys sniggered at him behind his back.

Remember you need to write a sentence with the word sniggered in it. Try and make your sentence as descriptive as possible.

16 thoughts on “Tier 2 Word – Week 7

  1. My class sniggered at me while I answered the hardest question and thought that was easy, what a giant mistake.

    1. That was funny Cody, I can just visualise me and Zach sniggering at you, while you tell us a fantastic idea
      thank you

  2. Two little boys sneakily sniggered at someone as they teased them for his hair colour and what he ate as lunch.

  3. My friends sniggered at me while I was jumping up and down, trying to answer a very hard maths question.

  4. I Sniggered at my puppies while they where running and thay all fell over and one could not get up.

  5. I sniggered at the decapitated squrle when I effeteslly ran away from the most biggest turtle.

  6. People in my class sniggerd at me because I was new and smart so they tried to bully me every chance they get to make me feel scared and unwelcome, I just ingore them.

  7. I sniggerd at my sister that she give her phone to her boy and that boy pot my sister phone in the water.

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