23 thoughts on “Harmony Day

  1. Harmony day is about people being nice and getting along with each other.
    Harmony day means to me having fun and learning more about harmony day.

    1. Hi Taige harmony leads up to peace u talk about peace and harmony, peace and harmony is the topic of my speech that I’m doing it would be very helpful to beecroft Students as I’m one of them. Sorry I should of have said my name is Connie Fernandes Member of Beecroft Public School ( BPS) I’m in year 5 (5L) my teacher is Mrs Lakka thanks

  2. What is Harmony Day?
    We think Harmony Day is a day where everyone gets along. It is a day about respect, stopping wars, bullying, fighting and teasing. It’s for peace and communicating with everyone no matter how different they are.

    What does Harmony Day mean to you?
    We think harmony day means treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. No matter what we look like or have been through, we are always the same on the inside.

  3. Harmony day is were everyone gets along and when it is peaceful. Harmony day means to me is that we except people how they are and were they came from.

  4. Harmony day is peace, proud, nice, frendly day and respect others. I think Harmony day means respecting each others culture, it means making new people to be your friend, it means treting others the way you want to be treated, respecting everybody that is younger and different then you, getting along, caring for others, very peaceful and useing TRUST, TONE, RESPECT.

  5. Caring for others helping out
    Being considerate to others
    And everyone.
    Harmony day means you
    Wear orange and respect
    Other in your space.

  6. What is harmony day?
    Harmony day is when you are nice to other people and I think harmony to be where people have to be nice and they are not racist and we think about mulit-cutral.
    What does harmony day mean to you?
    It means to me that when people get together and don’t worry about other people’s skin colour or what they are wearing or what they like or who they are or what they are from.

  7. Harmony day is a day for peace. It is also a day that everybody belongs and a day for people from different cultures to know they belong in Australia. To become friends with people from other cultures and to become one. Harmony day is a day that everyone understands each other instead of insulting other refugees. It is a day that everybody respects each other to become one with everybody. Harmony day is a day that Australia celebrates Australian’s Diversity.
    Harmony Day to me is a day for everyone to have fun learning about other people’s cultures. Harmony Day is a day of happyness.

  8. I think Harmony day is when a voilence turns into a little balloon and floats into outer space and pops when it reaches mars. Then nice stuff turns into an inflatable ball and grows bigger and bigger and BIGGER!!!

    I think Harmony day is when everybody gets together from different countrys or there country and has a barby or what ever they eat and wears orange clothes to represent Harmony day

  9. I think harmony day is about been together and having fun,meeting new friends and working together.

  10. Harmony day is when you wear orange clothes, to celebrate people getting along, because people act so nice to each other, and people just decided that others are so nice to each other, that they made a day to celebrate it, E.G people can speak nicely to each other, and they can play nicely with each other, they can act friendly to each other.
    It’s a special day to me because in harmony day you get to wear orange clothes and you get to learn a lot more things about the special day, it represents to everyone that people have been being nice, and when you are nice, you make better friends, people help you when you are stuck with something and if you fall over then they will be more trust worthy to get you up.

  11. Harmony day is a day were people get along with others, be nice to others , respect who others are and what there like.
    Harmony day is about people getting along and helping each other if they are hurt or stuck with a word or something.
    Also you are supose to help people when they are hurt or when they need heip.
    Harmony day means to me a big celebration where people come together to celebrate harmony and be nice to others.
    Respecting others people’s calture and being nice to the poor people like in russia and all those other countrys who are very very poor.

  12. I think that harmony day is good. We like to celebrate by wearing orange. Harmony day is when people get along, to stop wars, bulling and teasing people even if you cam from another country o you skin colour is different. Harmony day is fun to play games.

  13. Harmony day is a day where you respect other peoples culture.
    Also a day of peas of learing mor about harmony day and some entertainment and joy.
    It means when people get together and have fun.

  14. Harmony Day was fun today I think that harmony day is when you get together and detailing with others from different cultures around the world you also spend time with each other as well.

  15. what is harmony day?
    I think harmony day is, harmony day do you go somewhere or harmony day do you had fun.

  16. HARMONY DAY IS ME AND MY TWINS BIRTHDAY. We unfortunately don’t get extra-presents but its good to be in harmony on you’re birthday even though when you want to yell at your sister when her stinky breath is blowing out the candles in you’re face or when they are eating up all of you’re favourite cake. I need to show a little respect. 🙂 Harmony day is where we come together as one big CARING family and share our other culture in respect and in our selves of who we truly are.

  17. Harnony day is a special day to celebrate everyone’s harmony and getting along. We wear orange clothes because it is a bright colour to represent Harmony. It is mainly celebrated at schools.
    To me Harmony day means hanging around your best friends mor often and thanking them to be your friend. It is a great day to actually show who you really are.

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