Athletics Sports Day at LRPS

Guguei and Tahlia hold the LRPS Athletics Shield for the sixth year in a row.

Red house won again!

Write down your experiences from sports day. You may also choose to copy and paste your descriptive recounts from sports day as a comment.

6 thoughts on “Athletics Sports Day at LRPS

  1. The sun was bright up above my head and it was a 25 degree day but felt like a 40 degree day. At our school, we had sports day and the activities were quite easy, my favourite event was hurdles.
    It was our turn to do the hurdles. I was that excited I fell over before the race…. Then the race started. I ran, I jumped and ran again. I was trying my hardest to get towards the finish line first and not looking behind me at this point, I felt like was sprinting as fast as a cheetah. I passed the finished line and I actually won this race. I felt a little puffed but I was so amazed to win and I got into the finals. How can I improve my running for next year?

  2. I am so proud of red house for winning for the 6th time in a row i know if red house wins next year then we would of won for all the years of me being at this school i hope we win next year keep up your effort.

  3. We were in the sun all day and my faverrite thing was 800 meter run and it was hard because I was in second place and it was hard

  4. Yesterday we had sports day and it was a blazing sunny day. We are still running around the oval. I am in the Thomson house and won the relay. We won because our team ran as hard and fast as they possibly could. I was exhausted because I ran so hard, I can see people running around the oval and I can see people jumping around. Everyone was having great fun. I can hear people yelling and cheering loudly to the people who are running. I can hear people yelling at me say go! Go! Go! This made me feel proud.
    I can smell people because they are sweating so much from their efforts.
    I feel very excited when I start running and at the end I feel exhausted because my leg doesn’t want me to run very fast anymore! I can’t stop running because my team will be last and I don’t want my team beaten or to lose. I love my house team.

  5. My hat was burning my head and my legs are hurting and I want to go in side becuase it is really hot about 25 degrees and I want a drink of water. I am really hot and bored while I am wating for my turn in long jump.
    I really want to go home and rest but I keep going on to the next activiteies. i want to do the hurdles and 100 m because they are my favourite activities.

  6. I felt very anxious and nervous when I started the whole day, but I was very confident and I was going to try my very best so hopefully Latrobe could win this sports day, some events were very hard though.
    Throughout the day I was very hot tired and puffed, I was wondering what team would win this years sports day.
    At the end of the day I found out the results, Latrobe came last, Avon came 3rd (I think i might get this wrong), Thompson came 2nd and Macallister came first! I felt very upset that we didn’t try hard enough!
    Hopefully our team will win next year.

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