Inquiry Presentation – Australian Culture & Identity

The whole senior unit have been working very hard on their inquiry unit during term 1. Today they were able to present their work to the rest of the school and parents. In groups students planned and designed peoplescape murals, information reports, graffiti walls, voice threads and a prezi presentation, which all captured Australia’s culture and identity.

Below are some photos from the final presentation.

Feel free to comment on the photos and explain which ones you like and why. You may also comment on what you have learnt about Australia’s culture and identity.

10 thoughts on “Inquiry Presentation – Australian Culture & Identity

  1. Wow looking at these people capes I am really happy to see how much effort that everyone put into there people scapes I hope next time we can do as much work as what we did for this term.

  2. Wow thease peoplescapes look amazing. I did have a fun time though. and everything else looks maganificent.

  3. Wow looking these peoplescapes look amazing now beacuse when
    we making them I though they well look bad.
    now they look amazing but it is hurt when we make them.

    Thank you to old teachers and old students, for doning great job.

  4. I am very proud of this terms inquiry day, we have great voice threads, we have amazing wordles, but most of all we have did the most fantastic people capes I have seen, they are bright and colourful and amazing!

  5. I think that the inquiry was really amazing that we got all of our peoples done within the amount of time that we got to get it finished it and I thought that the museum was really amazing and that everybody that went to go see the museum were really surprised with all the work that we got finished and presented. I think that the museum helped me with information that I didn’t know because I also went to see other peoples and I got information off their peoples. I have learnt that aboriginals eat witchetty grubs as food and that they eat bush food.

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