7 thoughts on “Science Experiment – The Floating Egg

  1. I think that the floating egg floated because the salt water made the egg float and not sink to the bottom the egg floated because the salt water is stronger then the normal plane water

  2. I think that the egg will sink when you don’t put bit of and then when you lols of salt the egg will start rising because of the salt. when the salt mixers in with the water it will start making the abject inside rise because of the mixture between salt and water.

  3. In this science experiment we tried to get eggs to float on salt water and plain water it didn’t float in the plain water but it did in the salt water I think this because…

    I think it floated in salt water because salt is a heavier substance then just water alone it gives it strength and weight to hold the egg. The particles in the plain water break and it can not hold the weight.

  4. I thought the egg would sink and it did but when Mr Andrew pawed more water in the jar the egg went up a little bit and when he put the salt in it shot up to the top of the jar

  5. I think the egg floated because the salt somehow makes things float, and when mr. Andrews poured all that salt in, all the salt rises up and pushed the egg along with it.

  6. Wow that is a cool science experiment. Was it engaging for any of you> Why or why not? I might tell Mrs Joyce that we should do this one. 🙂

  7. I think that the science experiment was cool because the egg went down then came up and I thinked it would not work.

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