Should animals be kept in cages/captivity?

Animals are kept in cages/captivity all around the world for many different reasons. Some are kept in zoos for our benefit to observe amazing creatures or to conduct tests and experiments, some are in captivity to increase numbers for certain endangered species and some are kept in captivity to be part of shows such as the tiger below which is part of a circus.
Do you believe animals should be kept in cages or should they have the right to live in their natural environment?
Unpack a seed on this topic and prepare at least three strong arguments that have some support and start thinking about what emotive language you could use to convince the reader of your opinion. Once your seed is complete you will write a persuasive draft on the topic.


8 thoughts on “Should animals be kept in cages/captivity?

  1. I think animals should get kept in cages (only the wild ones) just as long as they get the right treatment and health.

  2. I think it is really mean to keep an animal in a cage but if it was so the animals don’t get poached I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t care because then the animals would be in fantastic health.

  3. Should animals be kept in cages or captivity?

    Do you want to be seeing animals running around places? No? Well that is why I believe animals should be kept in zoos/cages.

    I think that animals should be kept in zoos that look like their natural habitats because animals should feel save in zoos because they can get angry and unhappy without being in their habitat.

    I strongly believe that animals should be kept in zoos so than they don’t get killed and poached because when animals are in the wild they get poached and killed a lot, zoos will keep them safe.

    My last opinion is that animals should be given their normal food and they should feel like they are in their actual habitat because animals should only be eating their natural food because they were born to eat a type of food and if they eat something else they could get really sick.

    In conclusion, I think that animals should be taken to zoos because I think that it is really cruel that people hunt animals down and use them for jewellery.

    Author: Nyetap Ruach

  4. This is my persasive pecie of writing:Should animals be kept in cages/captivity?
    Many animals around the world are HUNTED and are becoming endangered or extinct such as orang-utans are getting hunted to make medicine for humans, elephants for their skin and many more things, tigers for their skin and their fat and much more and many another animals. Do you really want animal to become extinct or endanger because people are SELFISH? I think that animals should not be kept in cages or captivity for breeding programs so amazing animals can live longer.

    Animals should be kept in cages/captivity because many fabulous zoo keepers/scientist are trying to BREEDING animals that are endangered or extinct and if they do they will be able to study the animals much longer for example Tasmania devils are endangered in the wild but in zoos they are breeding then, hopefully some are realised back into the wild to rise the numbers up.

    Animals should be kept in cages or captivity because I stops animals from being POACHED which are having the animals becoming endangered or extinct because many awful people POACHED EXELLENT animals for really nothing much such as an elephant they poach them for their tusk and skin.

    I strongly believe that animals should be in cages or captivity because animals might find it hard to catch their pray might be hard to find their and animals might starve. The zoo keepers will make sure the animals will eat.

    I believe that animals should be kept in cages or captivity because the animals will live longer with BREEDING programs, animals will not be POACHED very much and the AMAZING animals and will starve and might die that’s why I believe that animals should be kept in cages or captivity.
    Author: Chloe

  5. Should animals be in captivity?
    Would you like to be LOCKED UP in a cage, and don’t live where you should with everybody staring at you?
    I strongly believe that zoos should close down and take the animals back to their natural habitat. It is cruel for these animals to stay in cages every single day. For example, many tigers are kept in cages that are too small. It’s disgusting.
    Many people capture these AMAZING animals and build a zoo just to make money. All the animals get is fear and they lose their freedom Animals are not meant to be kept in cages.
    There are some countries whose zoos have awful cages, with are made of CONCRETE. They have no grass, trees, and plants. It is not like their real environment and is affecting the ecosystem. They are in destroying the environment. It’s not what GOD wants for animals.
    Take these animals back to their natural habitat and make yourself proud.
    By Karim

  6. Animals in the wild are being harmed, hunted and poached. I believe that animals should be kept in captivity to ensure their safety and survival.
    I think animals should be kept in captivity to help keep them safe. In the wild it disgusts me that animal habitats are being destroyed. For example, orang-utans are endangered because humans have destroyed their natural environments. If animals are kept in captivity they will be safe from habitat destruction.
    Animals need to be kept in captivity. Zoos provide money and jobs for communities because it makes money when people visit zoos and see the amazing animals.
    If we keep animals in captivity, we will learn more about them, such as providing us with some education. This will help us keep the animals safe and increase animal numbers for endangered species.
    By Tahlia

  7. Have you seen the poor animals kept in those horribly small cages? How would you like to be kept in those terrible small cages? I think that it is absolutely wrong!
    Those poor animals have a loving family that needs their little children or brother or sister ETC… I’m sure that the innocent and happy animals don’t like getting taken away. How would you like to get taken away from your wonderful and caring family? I have seen some amazing and interesting documentaries and I see the loving animals having fun and happily playing with each other, and having a better time than being trapped in a tiny and horrible cage.
    These animals need their own big natural habitat for lots of extremely and very important reasons, like using natural their own instincts, more room to fight and play, more room to hunt for delicious food. It’s the same as saying you have your big, safe and warm house, you eat yummy, healthy food that you like to eat, you have your big, nice and comfortable room to play and, it’s the same thing. I have been to a zoo and the animals were in a big enclosure but not big enough to act naturally.
    The animals that are out of the terrible cage, and have more freedom are healthier. Healthiness is built up by running, eating, playing and doing things like that. If you’re not healthy enough, you can shockingly die of many different disgusting sicknesses. If animals were kept in cages, they wouldn’t be healthy because they know what they’re doing when they are out of the cage, but you probably DON’T! How would you like to be in a cage, where you don’t get to feed yourself? It would be disgustingly horrible.
    In conclusion, I think it’s a horrible idea to keep animals in a cage for health, life, family and they need their space, and freedom.

  8. I definitely think that animals SHOULD NOT be kept in cages. My first reason being is that the most of the time the cages are to small therefore it does not allow the animal for any mobility, such as the circus lions they have to keep fit and healthy and move around a lot to be able to perform well but with the cages provided that is not possible. Secondly the cages can be dirty and not kept clean or fed well. Some of the ‘carers’ do not clean up after the animal therefore the animals will be sleeping and eating in their own waste. I strongly believe that no animal should be kept in a cage no matter how well they are looked after or how wild or big the animal is NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE KEPT IN A CAGE. Animal such as lions, elephants, birds and all the monkeys depend on their friends and family because they are not solitary animals, so the animals could suffer from loneliness and depression which is not healthy for the animal especially if they expected to act happy at a circus. Most outcomes of animals performing happily an sensibly are because the trainers threaten them so they perform under fear……..

    I could go on forever about my opinion but I wont so I hope you think that animals should not be kept in cages because they should not.

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