13 thoughts on “Slums of India

  1. I think it looks a bit dirty, if they only live in this dirt and filth, I think they’ll have to tidy it up and make it a bit more whiter, if they always live like that then they could die of bad health! People should do something about it!

  2. If I lived ther I would get a proper job and get better money so I get a real house. I think it would be horribel to live there aspeshely if it were gross and muddy.If I was living there I would move as soon as I can

  3. The tiny houses are completely horrible. There is clothes and towels on wire trying to dry for the poor families. The children are all skinny and bony. The family’s that live there must be having a miserable life to be shoved into then terrible miniature houses. Make the houses huge give them clothes to wear and good meals to eat.

  4. It’s hot and the houses are reckless and old and it’s quite a noisy area especially I tiny area like that.
    If I was living there I probably go and find a better place to stay like Australia and I’m sure no one else would like to stay there.
    It’s a bad place and it’s got houses that are just about to fall down. And in Australia we have a massively big area and houses are getting built and people going to a nice school.

  5. If I live in that slum in India I’d be disgusted because is all filth how they in that slum is impossible to live in there and I don’t think is really safe for a kid all skin and bones in the edge of the balcony. That water I don’t think is pure water and maybe they can die not healthy only because they were living in an awful slum.

  6. I think that it is very dangerous in the slums of India because you have to live in a small place where you might be really scared of tight spaces and then when you want water you have to go outside and pour it out of the water pump and go back inside and the water could be dirty water so you might need to heat it up by a kettle or a fire.

  7. Slums of India
    April 15, 2013
    Describe the living conditions that you see in this image: I think the living conditions are TERRIBLE! I feel so sorry for the people that have to live there, I couldn’t live there at all, I would absolutely HATE it!
    What would it be like to live here? : I would think it would be hard to live there because it would be so cold, everyone being so noisy, extremely low on food and very unstable housework!
    How can you compare it to living conditions in Australia? : Australian houses are much more safe and stable; these houses look very hazardous and rundown. Australian houses are much more reliable and spaced out.

  8. I think that it’s very dangerous to be up there on the roof and the place is dirty and might be full of disease and the water can make them really sick. The house looks unstable so it can fall any time and the clothes are dirty and they can catch something from each other.

  9. I think it would be hard t to live there because
    there is not much food and not much water there.
    I think that country
    looks very dangerous and lookeds disgusting
    because there was not much room to sleep and house them.
    Some of them are on top of a dangerous old building and if they
    fell they could be killed. .

  10. The tiny houses are completely horrible. There are towels, clothes and other things lying around I feel so sad for that family that have to live in that disgusting mess, and not clean up after themselves. I’ve also got a feeling that they don’t get feed as much as they should. If I was living there I would move as soon as I could. The children look none healthy because they’re really skinny and bony.
    How would the children be able to go to school?
    Do they have a school?
    How do they clean their house if so?

  11. I can not beleive that those people have to put up with those houses every second moment of the day its just horrible.

  12. I cannot believe that those people can live there like that if I had to live there I would try to make the place alot better then what is and help Slums out be giving it ass much food as possible

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