16 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. I am thinking this is a place where lot of fish hang around, so the birds are coming to feast on the fish, or maybe the people have fish on there boat.

  2. I’m wondering why all of the flock of birds in the sky are coming towards them, I am wondering why it is so foggy in this cloudy area, I am thinking why would they go to such a creepy and mysterious place, I am thinking all the birds are gathering to eat the fish that might be on the boat, I am seeing a huge flock of birds coming all together, I am seeing two people on the boat with jackets on, I see a lot of fog going in their way, I would hear all the birds screeching, I would hear all the wind going past, I would feel scared because it would be scary.

  3. I think that there would be a lot of fish there and the men are tring to catch one but the birds are eating all the fish on the men and it looks like it is early in the morning and it looks like the birds are hurngy and the fish are tring to stay alive and the men are tring to get a fish.

  4. I can see birds flying over and next to my head and I am starting to get worried that something is going on.
    I’d feel quiet scared that I’d probably would fall out of the boat and never go fishing again.
    If I was them I’d probably try to go back to shore and get protected by the birds I’m feeling quiet terrified and I just want to go home and never think about it ever again.

  5. I am wondering what caused that many birds to fly over them? I am thinking thier must be hundreds of birds flying over them. I can hear a racous noise made by the birds. I am feelin concerned because the birds can swoop down and peck at the fish and hurt me in the process.

    1. I think that the reason that that many birds flew over them is because they go which ever way the wind goes I a pretty sure or something like that.

  6. I am wondering why there are lots of birds flying around the boat,
    and what are they looking for.
    I think that they are looking for food.
    I see two people in the boat in the water, and I see lots of birds flying around the boat.
    I hear people talking and I hear birds making lots of noise.
    I feel scared because there are lots of birds around me.
    it would be frightening to be there with all those birds flying around me.

  7. I am wondering why these flock of birds are flying over me these birds are just disturbing my wonderful time at fishing I am thinking that the flock is going to scratch, bite and swoop me just to get my fish off me. I am seeing a flock of birds covering whats ahead of me and trying to get my fish. I am beginning to feel anxious that my fish is going to be stolen and we’ll have nothing to eat.

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