The Kayak and Shark

A man is out fishing and is shocked to see a shark jumping out of the water trying to grab the fish that he is reeling in.
Complete a snapshot from this video. Describe the thoughts and feelings that the man would’ve had.

15 thoughts on “The Kayak and Shark

  1. The man in the kayak is feeling shocked, scared, terrified, surprised, the man is feeling the water splash on him, he is feeling the fear inside of him, the man is thinking where did the shark come from? He was thinking that the shark would have been a great fish to catch, the man was seeing the shark pop out of the water out of nowhere, the man was seeing the water splashing like crazy, the man was seeing the fishing rod getting pulled a lot, he was hearing the water going SPLOOSH and SPLASH, the man was hearing the boat going across the water, he was hearing the shark jump out of the water, he probably was wondering how the shark all of a sudden popped out, he wondered will the shark come back again, he was wondering if he would catch a fish at all.

  2. If I was there right now I would freak out and I would kayak as fast as I could so I could get to shore without getting followed by the tiger shark. The shark is really scary and it is humongous and it could have jumped over the boat.

    I think that the man was scared and frightened because when he saw the shark he said ‘Whoa’ and he was looking scared. I wonder if the man was used to the sharks jumping out of the water for fish. I wonder if the man got frightened when he first heard the fish jump out of the water trying to get the tuna fish from the hook.

  3. I think the man that was in his kayak was feeling stunned that he saw this random shark come out of the water and just try to take his fish not him I think he was also feeling frightened that he actually saw this shark while he was fishing. I think that this man was lucky that the shark didn’t tip his kayak and the man was still fishing after this incident.

  4. I am picking the bit of when the shark jumps out of the water trying to grab the fish off the mans hook I think the man would of been terrified and surprised about seeing a shark that close but it didn’t attack his boat so he wasn’t scared to keep fishing.

  5. I think that he would feel horrified and he would panic and as he is trying to get away he would be hoping it doesn’t eat him or his kayak! He would be able to hear the splashing of the water as the tiger shark dives in and out of the sparkling water. He would be thinking about what would happen if the shark takes out the boat or if the waves flip the boat and he gets trapped in the water. He would feel the fear rush inside of him and his mind going out of control with thoughts.

  6. The guy would be feeling worried to see a giant shark jump out of the water and bite a fishes eye out. He would probably be trying to get out of the water.
    He can’t jump out of the water because the shark will eat him so he has to safely go back to shore.

  7. After a tiger shark came up and trying to get my disgusting fish I was terrified as I tried to reel my fish in it was frightening for me because it terribly bumped my boat. The waves are crashing after the tiger shark splashes in the ocean. I wonder if the shark will come back again. A shark storms over the water trying to get my fish. I could the smell the disgusting fish as I tried to reel it in. at one point I through the shark was trying to get me until I realised that he was going for the fish I was relieved that the shark wasn’t going for me.

  8. I felt very frightened because he saw the shark appeared from the water.
    I wonder if the shark will tip my kayak?
    I could smell the disgusting dirty water under me.
    I can see the massive tiger shark coming up from the water and back down.
    I can hear the water go SPLASH SPLASHS PLOOSH!
    I think the shark is going to get my fish.

  9. I think the man was devastated that a huge shark stole a man’s fish. I think the man would go in the water and get his fish if the shark wasn’t a shark. I would feel so angry, frustrated and surprised because the shark. I wonder if the shark will come back and next time and take all the fish this time.

  10. I think that he would be so terrified when he saw the shark trying to take his tuna. He can see the shark opening his sharp teeth trying to grab his oversize tuna and the fisher man is whacking the shark with his fishing rod.

  11. I would feel very frightened if a shark was right next to me because it would really scare me and I don’t really like sharks.
    I would smell the yucky fish smell, salt water and fish bait.
    I wonder why the shark wouldn’t eat that man when he had a fish on his line?
    I would see a shark< other fish, people fishing as well and the salt water.
    I would hear the noise of me reeling in the line because then that way I can eat the fish.
    I would think that then shark would of ate the fish, ate the kayak or the man/me.

  12. If a shark would jump from nowhere I’d be terrified If he was that close to me. I would feel like I’m having an heart attack, when he went back in the water I thought that he could jump over me and bite my head off and have me for lunch.

  13. I think that man was terrified as the shark launched out of the water to grab his fish I really I think that the man thought he was to going to die if that was me I would probably have a heart attack and get my boat back to shore

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