Persuasive Writing Checklist

Here is a picture of our persuasive checklist, which was made on glogster. The link to the glogster page is below on an earlier post.

Ensure you use this checklist, which will help you convince readers of your opinion by using persuasive devices and strong arguments.


4 thoughts on “Persuasive Writing Checklist

  1. The glogster helped me with the way I write my persuasive pieces of writing. It helps me with my writing because it tells me that I have to add lots of emotive words that describe my writing and it helps me with the things that I write inside of my persuasive writing. The glogster has a lot of information that could help me write my persuasive pieces of writing and all my writing to get better by the emotive words that can help me better. All the information that got written on the glogster could help me improve my writing a lot better than usual.

  2. The glogster was a great example to show me everything I need to use for my persuasive piece of writing. Their was things I had never heard of such as the expert opinions.

  3. I think the glogster will help us to write a persuasive piece of writing correctly and to draw people in to what I am writing.

  4. Thank- you for giving us a persasive cheak list it will defentily help use with what we need in our persasive writing and it will help use improve on our arugments nad hook-ins.

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