Traralgon and District Athletics Day

Yesterday students from Liddiard Road Primary School competed at the Traralgon and district athletics day. Forty-four students from our school competed including students from the senior unit and many students from 5/6A. All students tried their best and some students were able to win ribbons for coming first, second or third in their particular events. Pictured below is Guguei with his ribbon from triple jump, Nyanom easily winning the 800m and Nyetap with her ribbons from the day.




6 thoughts on “Traralgon and District Athletics Day

  1. Congraulatoins to everyone that got a chance to go to the district sports and to represent our school. I am totaly stoked that we are in second place because everyone says (second the best first the worst) I am so glad that everyone did there best and everyone was so glad what place they’re in.

  2. Congratulation to the people that participated, it must have been hard though. I don’t know who won but as long as someone won, you guys participated and I know you would’ve worked very hard. Congratulations!

  3. Good on everyone who joined in on this day it was a fantastic day but very cold and wet. Everyone tried there hardest to come first and everyone wanted to win a blue,red or green ribbon. I enjoyed competing against the other schools it was fun!!!!

  4. Congratulations Nyetap and everyone else who got a ribbon. I tried my best in the 800meters but I came 9th. I hope Liddiard came in the top 3. GO LIDDIARD ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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