6 thoughts on “Persuasive Writing Examples

  1. These are a great way to show how we need to set and do our persuasive pieces and also thank you.

  2. These persuasive examples is the right way to show how to get better every single year. They should be longer, they should be more descriptive, they should have very important emotive words, they should have very strong arguments and it is very important to in include bolded words. The hook-in is very important as well because if you have no hook-in, the reader won’t like it straight away!

  3. These are an awesome ways for us to learn about persuasive pieces and the writing process. I think that our class and I get a better knowledge of what a persuavive piece our age should look like, thank you!

  4. These pages are a great help for us to learn from and to follow to make sure we are doing it correctly and so I think it is extremely good for us thank-you!!!!

  5. This pagers of persuasive writing has some strong words and they set out the structure very well and it can pswayed me. I think that it will help us improve are passasive peces and we will get better and better at it.

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