12 thoughts on “Tiger Zoos / OWI

  1. I think it is disgusting that people keep animals in a cage that are not like their habitats and that they use some many things for medical help it’s just gross.

  2. Keeping animals in a cage is wrong because all they get to do is walk around the small cage and do nothing, they don’t get the right food, they probably just get random food thrown at them, they would never have any time to run around and be fit and healthy, which means that they will also not be cleaned, and I don’t like how they now use the tiger farms as tourist parks. The tigers shouldn’t have to sit there, and get watched all day by people. It is terribly wrong.

  3. I think that they should’t be living like that because they should be living in the bush so they know how to hunt.

  4. I think that is disgusting to see animals in a cage that does not look like their natural habitats. If animals keep staying in a cage they can lose their wild instincts and if you put them back in the wild would not know what to do and they can get killed by animals like wolf and bears and more dangerous animals. All the babies just born they would not act like a real tigers because their parents they can’t teach them because our they got killed for the body part’s our they lost their instincts. I can’t believe people go to these farms and watch this super amazing animal’s locked up in a cage and no way out.

  5. Should animals be kept in cages or captivity?

    Do you want to be seeing animals running around places? No? Well that is why I believe animals should be kept in zoos/cages.

    I think that animals should be kept in zoos that look like their natural habitats because animals should feel save in zoos because they can get angry and unhappy without being in their habitat.

    I strongly believe that animals should be kept in zoos so than they don’t get killed and poached because when animals are in the wild they get poached and killed a lot, zoos will keep them safe.

    My last opinion is that animals should be given their normal food and they should feel like they are in their actual habitat because animals should only be eating their natural food because they were born to eat a type of food and if they eat something else they could get really sick.

    In conclusion, I think that animals should be taken to zoos because I think that it is really cruel that people hunt animals down and use them for jewellery.
    Author: Nyetap Ruach

  6. Do you want to see animals at the zoo?
    I think that it is good to see all animals at the zoo it is not bad to see animals in country.
    I think that animals should be kept in the zoos, because it gives people a chance to see all kinds different animals in one place. For example, people can see amazing kangaroo tiger and lion.
    I think that animals should be kept in the zoo?
    Because they will have a good life and no one will poach them, because in the wild many animals are killed or poached.
    I think that animals should be kept in the zoos Because it is fun to go to the zoos and see them.
    I think that animals should not be kept in the zoos because sometime animals are bad and they could frighten you.
    I think animals should be kept in the zoos with they family because animals need they family.
    Author: Nyanom.

    1. Yes of course, but sometimes dont you think that animals that belong in the wild, should be in the wild. I beleive that tigers should stay in the wild, it is crule and stupid that there is tiger farms, like whats the point, and why use there bones for medicine when chinese could just use australian medicine. Tigers should be able to survive on their own and be able to find food.

  7. Hi Mark,
    Our own blog is nearly up and going but to kick start things we have had a look at your classes blog and added some comments of our own and some may even have replied to your students. We hope you enjoy our input.

  8. Tiger farms is a very controversal topic. One group of people think it is cruel for these animals to be in such small cages whilst the other group says they are protecting these magnificent creatures from extinction. I think it is cruel to keep the tigers in small cages but on the other hand what would happpen if they did stop the tiger farms and relesed the tigers back into the wild? the short answer; they would’nt survive. these caged tigers do not have the nessisary skills to be able to survive in the wild for a long period of time. these tigers would always have to live in captivity in zoos. If the tiger farmers stopped killing the tigers and gave them a bigger cage i would have no problems with the tiger farms.

  9. Tigers can’t survive in the wild if they’re born in captivity. Why then do people breed tigers if they know they can’t sell their body parts because they’re banned? The owners of these horrible farms say” Because of us, they are alive.” The truth is these 6,000 tigers don’t want to live if life means to not touch a living animal or to live on drugs and die in 2 years of their life. How would u like it if you had 2 years to live and all you could do for entertainment was watch grass grow? Plus, if poachers could come and buy a tiger and just go up and shoot it, it would encourage poachers to go out in the jungle and shoot the decreasing 3,000 wild tigers and it would be free.

  10. the Tiger farms are Terrible theyre no better than a puppy farm. The farms encourage poaching so why dont they just let them go. the farm owners says its a zoo i say its a prizon. they say its to save the tigers but its no more than a slaughter house because the tigers get poached in the cages rather than in the wild so the poachers can use the tiger for products and medicine

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