Give a Damn Give a Can

Liddiard Road Primary School is again collecting cans for the needy. Our school has always collected the most cans out of all the Traralgon Schools. Last year we collected over 1000 cans. This year, our grade has a challenge of beating Mr. Price’s grade, who I think has already started cheating.

19 thoughts on “Give a Damn Give a Can

  1. we need to collect cans for the poorer people, it gives them something to eat, which is a good thing. Make sure to collect these can for table points, and so we can beat Mr. Price. I would like to see if we can win this year, so come on guys, get some cans!!!

  2. I think that Mr Price is being silly but we will try to win and I think this year it will close and Mr Price is going to lose and I hope that we can get more then 2,000 and beat the other schools in Australia and I hope that we win every year and stay in front forever like we have been doing for the last years which is fantastic and wonderful so come on Liddiard road primary school!!!

    1. Great comment Cody. Obviously our number one goal will be to get as many cans as possible to help the people who need them, but if we can beat Mr. Price’s grade in the process, it would be fantastic.

    2. Cody that is a great inspirational comment. If we showed that to Mr Mullan he would be very proud of you to try and motivate the school. Once again excellent comment.

    1. Our grade had a really slow start, I thought that our grade was going to get 200 cans but practically no one brought any cans. I brought in 35 of our 52. I feel a bit embarrassed that we didn’t get any more cans. A prep grade got around 100. If they can bring in that many, why can’t we?

  3. I hope mr Price doesn’t beat us because he is already on sixty two cans!

    Also I now have a blog and please please check it out! I have a challenge you can do. and all tose cocohalics out there I ave something for you.

    here is the adress.

    you may need to add spaces I don’t know yet. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Andy, your blog is cool I will be looking at it and commenting on it. Also I will be staying in contact through your blog (hopefully.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Our tally is not increasing in a hurry. We are now on 14 cans, the leader has at least 100 more than us. We need some more cans brought into school ASAP.

  5. Thanks Mr Andrew, I brought in 30 of 47 cans but unless everyone brings in 10 cans.
    As of today our school has collected 1006 cans so far, and Mr Andrew can you please bring in 20 or so cans to try and motovate the others to bring cans in? Please?

  6. By the way Ms Smythe has 107 cans, and Mr Price has 128 cans, Mr Barber has 93 cans, Mr kilmartin has 28 cans and 5 spreads, Mrs Marr has 29 cans, Mrs Joyce has 51 cans, prep M has about 40 cans, and all the others I don’t know.

  7. My grade was off to a VERY BAD START. But then Jaymes and Mrs Pearce brought in about 20 cans each. So then we got 46 I think. Or 42. WELL DONE MRS SMYTHE!!!! I’m practising no to call her Mrs Voss.

  8. Altogether the whole school brought in 1404, but at the last moment someone brought in 12 more cans increasing our schools tally to 1416. This is a record, I am so proud of the whole school for bringing that many cans in.

  9. Mrs Smythe got roughly 260 cans, our grade got about 50 cans, Mr Prices got about 160, Mr Barber got around 100 cans, and I can’t remember the rest.
    P.S, did we have any homework?

  10. GREAT JOB for 5/6A one day we were up to 26 and the next we were up to 55. Come on 5/6A we can do it we can prove that we are better then anyone else in this school. So come on and bring more can.

    Then we can win the suprise yay.

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