Water in the Environment – Inquiry Group

Welcome to the inquiry unit for term 2. Your main topic for inquiry this term is Water in the Environment. Here are two short videos to get you thinking about water in the environment.

You will be constructing a mind map as a whole group, however, everyone will need to record their own copy of the mind map. For your mind map, you will need to discuss and elaborate on the following themes:

  • Places that water is stored in the environment.
  • Uses of water in the environment and its importance to ecosystems around the world.
  • The water cycle
  • Shortage of water in the environment ā€“ Drought, etc
  • Humans impact on water within the environment.
  • Saving water to assist the environment.
  • Global warming and its impact on water in the environment.

Once your mind map is completed you are going to be given a short amount of time to begin publishing your mind map on Kidspiration.

You will then be placed into groups and required to think of 8 open inquiry questions that relate to one of the themes from your mind map. Once you have 8 great questions, you will choose your best question, maybe your group can ask an adult to help you choose. Your question will be used as a key focus for the inquiry project during term 2.

4 thoughts on “Water in the Environment – Inquiry Group

  1. Thank-you Mr Andrew this really helped me to learn even more about water and our environment.. I really think most people like researching water its not destroyful but thats what I thought it would be like.

  2. This terms iquiry is very fun. You get to do different things, and also better things! I’m in Mrs. Joyce’s grade and we are doing water and the global world. We have so far sort of did a seed, we have looked at a slides how called “the long walk”, we have seen a graph that tells us the water differences and we looked at atlases. For the future we will make a glogster and a video which will be sent around the world.

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