Protecting Elephants

After we have completed some persuasive pieces of writing about animals in captivity and reading an article on tiger farms, I have found this clip from 60 minutes about a lady who is trying to protect elephants from poachers in Africa. We will be completing some tasks on this video on Monday afternoon, so if you are in 5/6A please do not comment yet.

– Explain what the lady has done to protect the elephants.

– Do you think it is fair that the elephants are poached? Why/Why not?

– What else can be done to save elephants from poachers?

You may be able to use this video to help you unpack a seed on this topic. You will then be able to complete a persuasive piece on protecting endangered animals or an information report on elephants.

18 thoughts on “Protecting Elephants

  1. Protecting Elephants
    – Explain what the lady has done to protect the elephants: The lady as risked her life just to protect the wildlife. She has had a hard life and she is prepared to do anything just to protect the wildlife in Africa.
    – Do you think it is fair that the elephants are poached? Why/Why not: I think it definitely is NOT fair that she is putting her life on the line to protect elephants from being poached. I think the elephants have their own rights to be alive without the lady risking her life for them!

    – What else can be done to save elephants from poachers? I believe there needs to be a ban on poaching not just elephants but all animals around the world. If it doesn’t get band then elephants and many other animals will become extinct!

  2. The lady has lost everything and it must be hard to live like that and I think that is magnitficent because she has lost everything and she is puting her live for the elephane’s which is great.

  3. The lady has put her life at risk to save the pour elephants on her property.
    I do NOT think it is fair because all the elephants are doing is living there life and they didn’t do anything to us so why are they hunting inesent elephants.
    We can help save them by limiting people to Africa and do a lie detector saying (will you be hunting elephants).

  4. To stop the poaching of these elephant, this lady has started educating a bunch of the poachers to stop the poaching for their own health and safety too actually make them live their life, she wants these elephants to be free and go into the freedom but before then they can’t be poached, this is harming elephants because all the poachers want is their tusks for money!

    The girl lives with these animals and she is looking after them for their own good every time one of them die she sits with them all day every day when the sun shines their skin they lose it and all the bone lays on the ground. The girl lives with her property and looks after it very well, however her husband died from a car crash and her son died by being bitten by a snake, the girl had been shot and bashed nearly to death…. She is a very lucky girl although her life may not be that nice!!

  5. -The lady has done protection to the elephant because it is her home and she does not want the elephant to die on her land and she does not want to see 100 of the elephants dyeing every day.
    – I think that it is not fair that the elephant have to be poached because the elephants are terrified and they are very rare and if they keep on keep on getting killed they are going to become extinct and if they become extinct the poachers will feel guilty and have to go to jail.
    -We can change the law from poachers killing elephants and whoever kills an elephant they should go to jail.

  6. – Explain what the lady has done to protect the elephants.
    Kookie as protect the elephant’s whit her one life so this means that her heart is so strong that she will win because she loves this amazing animals, until she said this is enough and she sent fire and five poachers got shot dead in her property.
    – Do you think it is fair that the elephants are poached? Why/Why not?
    I think that poached is NOT FAIR because elephants are facing extinction because nearly every day hundreds of elephants get killed. I think is stupid to kill this amazing animals and live them in the ground and that makes me so furious.
    – What else can be done to save elephants from poachers?
    I think that we should make a huge fence that you can’t cut down and if you try to climb the fence there is a really powerful electivity like about twothousant volt.

  7. To stop the poaching for these elephants, this lady has started educating a bunch of people to stop the poachers, that is important because the people guard the whole place so the elephants don’t get poached. This lady has already got people stop the poachers, but the lady is getting more people so that it is more protective. The lady drives around to see if the elephants are okay, and she makes sure that there are no poachers around. This lady had nearly died. She got shot and almost beaten to death.
    No I do not think that it is fair to poach elephants because their population is lower than other animals. Just think to yourself, why would you want to poach elephants? It is like saying you’re killing a human, humans live, they eat, they run and they are active like elephants.
    Something else that could be done to stop the poaching of the animals would be putting then in a safer environment; I know that the lady loves these animals but at least they live. I doubt there would be no poachers at a safer environment.

  8. 1. Explain what the lady was done to protect the elephants?
    The lady has shot the poaches and has also has protected the elephants and other animals.
    2. Do you think that the elephants are poached? Why/why not?
    I think that it is terrible that elephants are getting poached because animal’s devisers to live just like us.
    3. What else can be done to save elephants from poachers?
    They can also make the area more private.

  9. Kookie will give her life to protect her animals. Kookie has dedicated her life to help animals, Kookie has given up a life of fame to help animals. She changed her land from a cattle ranch to a wild life place. It is not fair that elephants get poached because they are being forced to leave their home and natural enviourment just because somewon was paid to poach him/her. It isn’t fair because the residents of africa don’t get to see the elephants. Also their are about 36000 elephants are killed each year, they could be on the verge of extinction soon. The goverment should put a law on poaching elephants and if it continues the goverment should jail anyone who attemps it.

  10. I think that it is not fair to kill elephants because they deserve to be free.
    If rich people stopped wanting the ivory then they wouldn’t have to kill the elephants,
    Do you think that the elephants should be kill I think that it is terrible to kill animals.
    What else can be done to save elephants from the poachers, The lady has made a big park where the animals can be safe.

  11. I can’t believe that there are poachers are out there and elephants are innocent they never did anything to the poachers so they just do that so they can live animals Should be in zoos and its really horrible how that animals have to put up with all of that stress and they don’t even care they should fight back for the animals and stick up for them from now on if that was me I would kill myself and the poachers and i will take that risk with kookie

  12. I that she’s doing a great job on keep the elephant safe in the wild and its grate that she putting her life at stake to keep the elephant safe I think if you have some people that trained to go out in the wild to keep an eye out on the pouches and that might keep the pouches out of the wild and not pouch the elephants and that will help the elephants from becoming extinct so she’s doing a great job but she would need more people to help here protect the elephants

  13. -The lady has risked most of her life to save the elephants because she loves animals and she wants people not to hunt elephants down. She has tried everything to tell people not to poach elephants because lots of people come and hunt elephants down but end up dying. The woman was getting people to help her save the elephants from getting hunted down and she was getting extra help from her 31 year old daughter so they would also help save the elephants from dying. She would try everything to get the elephants saved from getting hunted. When the woman’s son died she said that she was going to live where her son got killed by a snake bite. She has always cared about elephants and she always tried her best to help elephants in every way. The lady was getting a lot of help from the community so she can help all the elephants that are in danger so than they don’t have to keep on getting hunted. All that the woman done was really amazing because she really cares about the elephants and she was trying everything to get the elephants to live a normal live instead of having to get killed nearly every day.

    -I think that it is not fair that elephants get poached because animals are also like humans because animals eat like humans they grow like humans and they also have parents like humans so there isn’t a reason on poaching animals because it is like bulling human but really badly. I think that elephants should be able to live for freedom without getting hunted at all. I also think that if people hunt elephants they are just going to scare them and it is not great to scare animals from their natural habitats it is just really horrifying because they can get lost from their natural habitats. I think that hunting animals is really wrong because it should be against the law that people hunt and kill animals from the wild. The amount of times that animals get hunted is just too much, people need to stop and give really great reasons to the government so than he can make poaching animals illegal so than animals can live for a more interesting live and a long lasting life. I think that it is not fair that elephants have to be getting poached a lot because elephants need to have their freedom since they don’t really get freedom much, so they need to have space from getting hunted down a lot. I think that it is NOT FAIR that elephants have to go through all that pain just because of human. I think that as soon as human know how elephants feel when we poach them then they will start to stop poaching them and get another job beside hunting elephants.

    -I think that people could try to take the elephants somewhere else that looks like their natural habitat so than who every tries to hunt the elephants they won’t know where the elephants have been put for safety. I think that people should try to stop hunting elephants and should just start hunting another animal because if they don’t stop they will start to become endangered and then extinction and it would be horrible if the elephants went to extinction. I think that the woman and her daughter should have got more people to go and try to stop people in Africa from poaching elephants because than there would be less killing and more elephants. If the woman got more people to help her and her daughter than it would be easier to get people to stop from hunting animals. I think that the people that hunt animals just because it is their job that they should try to get another job so than there isn’t a small amount of elephants left in Africa. I think that people should stop without getting told or without getting warned. I think that the elephants should be put in a place that is surrounded by a fence that nobody can climb over or cut down so than the elephants live a longer life. I think that people need to care more about nature and about animal and they will need to think about how amazing animals are before they decide to go and hunt elephants and kill them.

  14. OMG!!!! THAT LADY IS SO NICE!!! I cant believe she would risk her life to save them cute little elephants. (Sorry did I say big?) They are so adorable elephants are but that is just crazy to risk her life. CRAZY MAN. Sorry i’m just over reacting because even though she has not so much life ahead if her she still needs to live it while she can. But she would die for a good cause. 🙂 When I saw the pictures of the Elephants of them dead on the ground with blood splattered everywhere on them (ewwwww) my eyes got tears. My jaw hit the ground. Not because that they were dead ( I’ve seen horrific pictures of this already), because of the way they were laying there on the ground with their eyes OPEN. OPEN. OPEN OPEN OPEN. I don’t like these things. THEIR EYES ARE OPEN. They are just staring into your eyes dead. Just dead. I don’t like these things at all. Anyway, poachers are so mysterious to me. They just kill animals they see, like their prey. If they need (or if they are hungry 🙂 ) any animal involving resources they just get their guns and SHA BAM. The precious wildlife are dead. This contagious happening always happens. (Maybe that’s why its called a happening) I cant believe them. They wouldn’t like if they got shot dead with their EYES OPEN. I know I wouldn’t. The wildlife are literally scared of people now. They are frightened. The lady has a very deep passion and poachers don’t even care. Mr Andrews, would you sacrifice your life for you’re deepest passion? (Sorry since I don’t have an I pad we need a new and better teacher replacement 😛 ).
    FROM THE BEST GIRL ON EARTH, Heidie. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂

  15. Elephants are so adorable I don’t know why anyone would want to harm them. People really need to stop harming them because there are not going to be any left soon. Elephants are fun to be around and are very playful.

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