Force of Water – Japan Tsunami

Water is an essential part of the environment. However, it can also be very destructive and powerful. Here is a video from the Japan tsunami in 2011, which was caused by a very strong earthquake.

– Describe what you see in this video.

– Explain the power of the water.

– How would people have felt?

– What would you have been able to hear?


6 thoughts on “Force of Water – Japan Tsunami

  1. I see a massive tidal wave approaching Tokyo City in Japan, I see just about the whole entire City getting covered in dirty water, I see waves going up and down, up and down, I see everybody shocked and terrified that the tsunami is coming to smother them, I see many cars washed up into the water, I see the tsunami smothering everything in its path, I see the earthquake shaking everything in its way, I see the earthquake building up so much damage, I see the earthquake destroying and rattling everything.
    The power of the water was massively effective. It was so powerful that it killed almost half of the people that had live through it. Its force was pushing all of the debris and objects away. The tsunami of Japan was building up so high, because the force was pushing it against walls, which made it pile up so high.
    The people would have felt shocked that the earthquake struck so massive, the people would have felt scared that everything was dropping and shaking as the extreme earthquake hit, the people would feel terrified thinking if there was going to be a tsunami or not, the people would have felt terrified as they saw the tsunami was traveling towards them, the people would feel confused not knowing what to do.
    I would have been able to hear the whole city shaking and wobbling, I would hear everything dropping off tables, benches ETC… I would hear everybody screaming in terror, I would hear the huge wave approaching everyone, I would hear the destruction of the tsunami, and I would hear the force of the tsunami running through the town.

  2. I see a humongous tidal wave approaching the city called ‘Tokyo’ in Japan, truck drivers cars and other vehicles are jammed behind enclosing water that’s coming after them so they have no choice but to stay up on the highway otherwise they will get flown away by the tsunami that was created by a massive earthquake. The tsunami is coming down onto farms, houses and anything that gets into it’s way it’s destroying stores and shops are having trouble with the earthquake as it knocks down all the shelves and food that is on it.

  3. – Describe what you see in this video.
    I see cars floating in the water and I am anxious that there are people still in the car but if there are they just have to stay there because they can’t jump out and swim.
    – Explain the power of the water.
    The water was so strong it may have made a boat float away with more than 100 people.
    – How would people have felt?
    People would have felt upset that maybe little babies down there and they might die. It makes me feel disappointed that there are people that died and no one could do anything about it.
    – What would you have been able to hear?
    I heard lots and lots of commotion cars, water and way more.

  4. – Describe what you see in this video: I see thousands of innocent people losing cars, houses, friend’s family and even their own lives to a vicious 10 foot tsunami caused by one of the most “hugantic” earthquake ever down deep on the bottom of the ocean floor with Spongebob and Patrick.

    – Explain the power of the water: The water was just calm and peaceful like every day until a dangerous earthquake shook the ocean floor which caused a terrifying tsunami that destroyed hundreds of homes, cars, and shops and even took people’s lives!

    – How would people have felt: I think that everyone would’ve been shocked and extremely frightened just hoping that the tsunami didn’t get to the area they were in. The would be confused because they wouldn’t of known what was going on in the beginning.

    – What would you have been able to hear? I would be able to hear people screaming and baby’s crying extremely loudly. I would be able to hear the sound of the massive wave thundering down the city streets into buildings and houses!

  5. I think the tsunami is a very tvagic euent and it makes me feel sad. How many were killed in the tsunami.

  6. Wow. That wave must have been EXTREMELY HUMONGOUS because it nearly swept out the whole of Japan. Well, the city. That was a really unlucky day because they had a tsunami, fires, and and earthquake. I cant believe that all these things happened to Japan. Imagine if that happened to Traralgon? The Big ship with 100 passengers is a real mystery to me. You don’t know if it was because of the tree disasters that happened that horrific day.
    The force and power that the tsunami swept in the city of Japan is truly unbelievable. I cant believe that so many square miles of the city got swept away in sea water. I actually cant believe that I just watched the horror of water sweep away a beautiful city. I hope it has all restored.
    People would have been felt worried,shocked,breath-taken,dizzy,giving-up,running,escaping, weaken,balling their eyes out, and probably much more. They wanted to get to safety with their families and friends. I know that some of someone’s families go swept away and they were balling their eyes out and never let that moment it go. If this occurred in my reality, My reactions will be far beyond of what I have described.
    I would hear the rushing of the water coming and smashing all at once. I would hear people screaming their hearts out. I would hear people crying for hours and hours not stop. I would hear the honking of ships, cars, trucks. I would hear the fire crackling onto materials. I would hear the items smash onto the ground from the underneath. I would hear the chanderleir shaking side to side ready to fall onto peoples heads.

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