11 thoughts on “School Photos

  1. Thankyou Mr. Andrews for the special reminder, although it has been on my mind for the whole week. I am looking forward to this special day. I’m feeling happy, excited, and I feel extremely great! I would hear the snapshot making its own sound, I would be able to hear everyone being very happy about this upcoming day. I will see the camera pointing right in front of me, I will see the brightness of the snapshot, I will see the excitement on everyones faces.

  2. Mr Andrew do the school captains and the junior school councils get a separate photo and do you still order the photos or does the school? Can girls where their hair down as long as it is up before and after the photos.

    1. School captains and JSC have had their photos in past years, so I would assume they will get done again tomorrow.
      We allowed girls to have their hair down last year as long as it was tied up straight after. You may need to check with Mr. Mullan tomorrow morning just to make sure it’s ok.

  3. I didn’t like school photos because I bet I will look UGLYYYYYYYYYY. But still. I wasn’t that of a special hair-do but I still enjoy smiling to the camera- HERE COMES HOLLYWOOD.
    I was joking. No one wants to be famous. Well I don’t.

  4. Photos was spectacular, everyone was clean and had big smiles on there faces and everyone handed in all there forms and money. well done . 🙂

  5. Mr Andrews, even if you did get a haircut you would look bald because your hair is short enough. You are already half-bald.

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