Subtraction Games

Here are some subtraction games that we are going to play today.

This one the kids are given the answer and have to fill in the other two numbers.

This one uses counting on to the closest ten, then counting the tens then adding the extras. Looks really good!

Maths Bingo. Have to calculate the answers to the sums and try to get a line.

8 thoughts on “Subtraction Games

  1. I think that the building up strategy was really easy because if you aren’t that great at subtraction and you get stuck on it, then this strategy would help you learn how to use subtraction. The strategy helped me understand subtraction more because when you learn subtraction it could also help you with your addition strategies. The strategy made subtraction seem much easier because when we get a subtraction problem and we can’t solve it yet then we can use this strategy to help us with the problem. I think that we should be using this strategy more so it can help us with our subtraction and addition strategies.

  2. I don’t really get how to play the second game, it is wierd, and I think it is lame because it is looks cheesy.

  3. The third game was the best game of the 3. I had fun working out the harder sums. For example, 15x 19, 19×16 16×15 and alot more. It was fun.

  4. Mr Andrew can you please regularly put up some hard maths sums. For example, 17x18x19=?
    Tomorrow in the morning I have to help collect the cans and put them in the hall.

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