Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes

This is a newspaper article from The Age. The article is about student stories that have been published in a book called Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes. Nyetap, Nyanom and Guguei from our grade are three of the authors of the book.

Read the newspaper article from The Age and think of key observations from the text. What questions could we ask and what could our inferences be?



5 thoughts on “Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes

  1. Here are some questions we could ask. We could ask how old they were when their part of the story happened. We could ask them which country they think is better. What does it feel like to be one of the authors of the “Donkeys Can’t Fly On Planes”?
    I am inferring that they were around five years old when their part of the story occurred. I am inferring that they probably like Australia better because Australia is a free country. They might like Australia better because we have lots of food, land and clean water available.

    Key observations.
    They had a tough life back in Africa and now they have a safer life here in Australia.
    Australia has given them a better life.

  2. Well done guys, I can’t say the names because there are lots of authors, but the book sounds great! I am inferring that the title is called “donkeys can’t fly on planes” because that could be one of the stories, or the main part.

  3. WOW. Mr Andrews you are lucky to be having a wonderful student like Sunday. Well, the other students are good too but Sunday is lucky to be presented in the AGE newspaper. Mrs Sandy is a really nice teacher and she is really thoughtful and the things she does to help people is unbeleiveable.

  4. Great job Nytap and the authors I think you guys have done well if you are in the age because of your book I hope I can read a copy it will be great if the school has a copy.

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