4 thoughts on “Water in the Environment – Reflection week 2

  1. I have learnt today to pick a relevant colour connecting to water and the environment on our website or else it wouldnt look like a website connecting to water. This has helped me hather interests to help me put on the website. It now looks more like an information website connecting to the topic water and the environment.

  2. What I achieved?
    Well I achieved doing my question and completing my mindmap, we are ready for next week like we are set up. We stared most of the dot points.
    What you learn’t about the making a website I learn’t making your names of each page eralivent tp your topic. And i learn’t that I had to get Mr Andrews to help us with our topic and make it better to understand,eaier.

  3. Reflection:
    I stayed on task today but in the first 2 hours I didn’t work that well I was talking but after recess I done good and I stayed on task. I got all of my work done except for I didn’t print my mind map and my model design. I learnt about making the website and I think making that was fun but I thought it was hard making up the titles. I learnt how to make a website and the checklist.

  4. The inquiry water topic is magnificent, it is really fun. But I wish we could still go out for a game at the end of the day.

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