5 thoughts on “The Water Cycle

  1. Well done on these great drawings, the first one is very bright and colourful but I didn’t really see much explanation. The second one is a very good example, it has some explanation and its very colourful. I love how the third one is like a birds eye view, it is very detailed, so that one is very fantastic. The third one is great, as I can see, there is a lot of writing going on, very creative drawing (I love the smiling jellyfish).
    Well done to everyone’s water cycle!

  2. Mrs Cookie has a video of the magic school bus water cycle. It shows how rain evaporates, turns into clouds then rains. I like the posters too! 😀

  3. I believe that all of the posters are awesome but I believe that my one is better because I have descirption of what perpitation is and what evaporation is and where perpitation is caught.

  4. Well done to the people that have done this great darwings,
    the second one is very bright and colourful. and the thing i like about this is becausde this Parison pot lost fantastic word on her or he design.

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