21 thoughts on “Water in the environment reflection – week 3

  1. Today our group achieved
    Our wordless type thing
    Our research to put on our wix website
    Our sketch
    We have all finished our mind-maps.

    Today I learnt that,
    Toilets use30% of the water in our home,
    Showers and baths use 35% of the water in your home
    Cleaning your house uses 5% of the water in our home
    Kitchen and drinking in your house uses 10% of the water
    Doing your laundry uses 20% of water in your home.

    Next week our group is going to try get our
    Script finished for our video,
    I plan to start my seed.

  2. I have achieve:
    *I have done a word it out and I have finish it.
    *I have done my first sketch.
    *I have started my seed and I hope to finish to next week.
    * We have research things to put on our wix website.

    What did I learn about my topic and question:
    I have learn nothing because when my grope was researching I was doing my word it out and my sketch so I did not learn any thing about my topic and question today.

    What do I plan to do next week:
    I plan to do researching on my topic and guestion and I plan to finish my seed and to start my big design so I can start building.

    1. Great job Talia, it seems you accomplished a lot today. What do you think was the hardest part of your inquiry day today?

  3. Today our group has achived completing our word it out. We all completed our seeds. Our mind maps are finished and printed. We got the basics for our website on wix completed. Our group has planned and drafted our design.

    Our group learnt that drout happens often in the hot climate. Drout is destroying animal”a habitat. The level of water is decreeing causing drout. People are making polution witch is hurting the environment.

    What our group is planning for next week is publishing our peace of writing. Get our design on A3 paper. Change our seeds into drafts. Not to slack off.

  4. I did our designs today and word it out . It was long but we still did it anyway and we also had a conference is well.Today I learnt that climate change makes the water cycle go faster. Next week we are going to do a seed together.

  5. I finished my 1st design and we are doing a news report on our inquiry question and I finished my mind map and my word it out.

    I learnt that people are dying every second because of not drinking water and I learnt what a news anchor is and I learnt what an expert water scientist dose.

    We are planning to finish everything so than we can get ready to rehires our water news report.

  6. Well my group worked good today and we got lots of work done. We are planning to make a video and kaitlin is the news anchor and shani is the news reporter and I’m the awesome scientist.

    My group didn’t get much info on our topic but I found out some ways that we can save water like take 2min showers wash your cloths together and turn off your taps when your brushing your teeth.

    Next week my group plans on doing my 2nd design and completing our wix website and our lines.

    By group 1
    From Tangshan

  7. Today we achieved on making our word it out and all of our mind maps
    Today I learnt that we need water in our Rainforest because if we don’t they will dry up.
    We plan to finish design and finish our research and to not talk a lot and to get our work done, not half done.

  8. Today I achieved the answer of the inquiry question. The most obverse one is too take short showers. Today I tried very hard and worked well. I acomplished lots of little things and it was fun. I even got to work on an iPad.
    Today I learnt a lot about how we save water for the environment. One way was that not hosing of the leaves on your garden path with a hose but use a rake. Did you know that 75% of the worlds water is salt water. Also that a leak could waste 20,000 litres of water per year.
    I plan on doing my seed and find out lots of facts and more answers to our inquiry question. I hope that we work this well or better next inquiry session. Next week would be really fun and busy. I still need to do some catching up because I missed the last session.

  9. What did we archive today?Today we achive we our word it out we done our seed and our mind maps are printed. We got the basics on our web site on Wix we have designed and talk about our design and it draw it on a piece of A3 paper.

    What did you learn today on your topic and question today? Today I learnt that floods and drought around the world are happening How to use an iPad properly and how to do a word it out out because I didn’t know how to use word it out because I have never use it before.

    What do you plan to on doing next week? Next week we plan on doing a A3 design and to get our publishing things we need to and change our seed and we plan to get as much as we can get down and not to slack off.

  10. We archived finishing our mind-maps and started to finish our researching and working out our design.

    I learnt that the amazon rainforest is becoming more dirtier every year and getting out of water and rain but very slow.

    Finishing our research hopefully.

  11. I achieved by putting information onto my website and finding information for my seed about my question which is how does climate change I’mpact with the environment.
    Today I leard Australia is unguarded to climate change, floods, droughts and storms.
    Next week I would like to work on my seed.

  12. Today I achieve to work hard with my group and got down out plan that we are going to make and we did our web page and it looks greats I got to my writing stage and finish two sentences down about water and climate change has an Issue and why the the environment is dying and I think that I did we’ll.

    Our question is how dose climate change impacts on water and I think that is a good question to work on because we can impact on the question a lot so it gets us thinking then it will be easy to do. What I learnt on my question is that water is going to run out one day in the future and it will be hard for as and that if water stars to go away lots of effects on as weather things.

    Nests week I plan to finish my writing pice because I am staring my writing so next week will try and finish my work more but I think I did.

  13. my group acheived the word it out. I learnthow to use word it out. I need to focus a bit more and not muc around as much

  14. Today me and my group started a diagram and we also did a wordle but it was really hard because the colour kept going all funny so I had to do about 200 hundred times and it was so anoing and after that we had to reflect on how I did today so it was very fun today and after that to go back onto the website we did because I never saw the web page so today I had to look at it.

  15. I had trouble today with the Ipads because I was doing things that I do on a laptop on the Ipad. I got confused and mixed up of how to zoom in and zoom out. I wasnt extremely confident how to screen shot our wordle because I was afraid I would loose our work but fantastic Mr Andrews helped me. 🙂

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