13 thoughts on “Water Changes Everything

  1. Water is very important for many reasons. You cannot live without water, or you’ll die within the second week without drinking water. Clean and fresh water reduces the amount of water related deaths, by estimating 300,000,000 people a year. If they all had clean water everywhere, the amount of attendance in schools would be rising a lot, when I say a lot, I don’t just mean the whole Africa, the whole water related schools attendences would rise for all of the countries. Water changes animals too. To animals, water is one of the most effective things in their life. 80% of humans are made of water. You may not believe it, but our bones are so stiff and hard because they are made up of heaps of water molecules, and your blood Is also part water as well. Water increases the deaths each year by water. In 2005 a child died every 15 seconds from a water related illness. Now it has rised up to 21. Soon in the year 2021, we could have our deaths every 27 seconds. What I was just talking about was a minor good thing.

    So as you see, water is one of the most important things in life. Water changes everything.

  2. Water is life because without water we have no lives to have an education, raise a family, learn skills, all types of things. People say we can survive with other liquids. Dirty water kills 5,000 people a day. I cant believe how we can easily just get a drink of water when others need it most and are drinking dirty water because they think it will save them. Nearly two million children a year die for want of clean water and proper sanitation while the world’s poor often pay more for their water than people in Britain or the US, according to a major new report. The disgrace I have in the people that are selfish about water have no rights of using water because he wouldn’t like to be begging for water and having diseases from the nasty, dirty water that is hours away. They should still have water just that to make them realise how poor these people are and how you would feel with rejection. 90% of the Earth is covered in water but half of it we cant use. I can see the point of where the ladies getting at with the dirty water. All the bacteria in the dirty water from animal droppings really is not healthy for you and hugely affects your bodies system. So it may cause your bodies to shut down and then it will cause DEATH. So many women and children die because of this cause. We need to stop this cause immanently. Everyone wants an education, their own family, and a healthy life. All these things can be happened by water because they spend hours getting water that’s not even worth it because of all the bacteria and germs. It can easily spread through villages and they can become sick.

    Water changes the way we live, the way we move and the way we think. Water is an important resource that we all must have. But now in reality, its not possible. Unless we can locate another resource that can help more people to have healthy water.

    1. Wow Heidi, nice job. I like how you used your time to write a great piece of writing telling us why water changes everything. Thankyou for taking you time to write on our blog.

      1. Thanks Logan and Jay. As much as I write comments on your blog, I am competitive with the blog ladder you are currently using in this term. πŸ˜€

  3. I must say I really feel sorry for those that have to live like that like having to collect water and you might get diarrhea`, death and dehydration. most families suffer from all the disgsting germs. 😦

  4. Water:
    The water cycle (known scientifically as the hydrologic cycle) refers to the continuous exchange of water within the hydrosphere, between the atmosphere, soil water, surface water, groundwater, and plants.

    Water moves perpetually through each of these regions in the water cycle consisting of following transfer processes:
    evaporation from oceans and other water bodies into the air and transpiration from land plants and animals into air.
    precipitation, from water vapor condensing from the air and falling to earth or ocean.
    runoff from the land usually reaching the sea.

    Most water vapor over the oceans returns to the oceans, but winds carry water vapor over land at the same rate as runoff into the sea, about 47 Tt per year. Over land, evaporation and transpiration contribute another 72 Tt per year. Precipitation, at a rate of 119 Tt per year over land, has several forms: most commonly rain, snow, and hail, with some contribution from fog and dew. Dew is small drops of water that are condensed when a high density of water vapor meets a cool surface. Dew usually form in the morning when the temperature is the lowest, just before sunrise and when the temperature of the earth’s surface starts to increase. Condensed water in the air may also refract sunlight to produce rainbows.

    Water runoff often collects over watersheds flowing into rivers. A mathematical model used to simulate river or stream flow and calculate water quality parameters is hydrological transport model. Some of water is diverted to irrigation for agriculture. Rivers and seas offer opportunity for travel and commerce. Through erosion, runoff shapes the environment creating river valleys and deltas which provide rich soil and level ground for the establishment of population centers. A flood occurs when an area of land, usually low-lying, is covered with water. It is when a river overflows its banks or flood from the sea. A drought is an extended period of months or years when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply. This occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation.

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