Water in the environment – design explanation

Today you will need to work on the following:
– Researching your topic/question in detail. Record your research.
– Continue your design plans and share on the blog.
– Unpack a seed on your topic/question.
– Begin writing a draft on your topic/question.
– Have a group conference with Mr. Andrew.
– Continue to work your website.
– Begin working on your groups voice thread.
– Reflect on your achievements and learnings for the day.

For the students in the ‘Water in the environment’ group, can you please explain to the rest of the groups your design for the inquiry project/question.

8 thoughts on “Water in the environment – design explanation

  1. For our groups design we are going to have 3 tubs one with a rainforest one with a flood and one with drought. This design is going show how water can affect different environments throughout the world.

  2. Group 2 is making a model of a flooded town, which will show how climate change has created water related natural disasters.

  3. Group 4 are going to make a video with a water expert, a person that talks about how people waste water, we will be talking about how to save water and in our video we will be putting a science experiment to do with water.

  4. Group 1 will be making a video/news report on water in the enviroment saying facts and the water to our question (how can we save water in the enviroment) so far the answer to our question we have is we need to save water because people around the world die every 15 seconds from water related diseases. We need to save clean/fresh water for them people’s so they don’t die. You also have to remember only 1% of the earth is water we can use.

  5. Our group is building 2 boxes with a rainforest in both. One box will be a healthy green rainforest and the other will be a dead, scraggy rainforest. Since our question is How Does Water Affect The Rain forests We need to show how and it is drought. for our project we are using real water and make it move/wave around. we are group 5. We are up to our website, we have done heaps of research, we are up to our 2nd draft. We have time to do our voice threads but its gonna be busy then.

  6. Our group is building a flooded town to show you how cilmate change work’s.
    we are going to make the clouds rain down on the town so it looks like the clouds looks like the coulds are raining allover the place.
    there are going to be deadly things in the water like wire and other deadly things. We are trying to make it like it is flooding and because of the cilmate change going around the globe.

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