10 thoughts on “Water in the environment reflection – week 4

  1. reflection for this week:
    – What did you and your group achieve today? That we got down a lot of information for our wix,website
    – What have you learnt about your topic/question? That America alone use around 150-250 galleons of water daily
    – What do you plan on doing next week for inquiry day? To writ down all the information that we got this week to put it in our web site next week.

  2. Today our group achieved our script for our video and we finished collecting our research for our website.
    Today I learnt that having bath waste more water then having a shower.
    Next week we plan to get our science experiment started so that we can put it in our video.

  3. Group 1 Tanisha, Shani and kaitlin.
    Tanisha, what did your group achieve today?
    Today my group write out a script and we videoed it. My group started our news paper article.
    What did you learn about you topic/question?
    We learnt a child dies every 15 seconds from water related things and more. We need to save it because it won’t be there for ever and global warming is happening witch means it is drying out faster.
    What do you plan on doing next week for inquiry day?
    Next week our group plans on finishing our news paper and start to do/make our props.

  4. Heidied reflection: We have achieved our 2nd draft. I have learnt that Climate change is the caue for the water to affect the rainforest. Next week we are gonna do our voice thread and finish our draft.

    1. I am in group 5 and I am very excited when we start building because I want to see if we achieve all of the things we have strictly planned to build.

  5. Today my group achieved 3 word it outs, 2 designs and information about the question.
    I learned what climate change means. Climate change is when the world heats up and it becomes global warming.
    I want to begin building hopefuly.

  6. What did you and your group archive today?
    Today our group archived getting our design done we finished our seed we shared our design on the blog.
    What did your group learn today?
    I learnt that if the world didn’t have water then all the animals would die and mankind would die.
    What are you planning to do next week.
    We are going to make play dough, finish our voicethreads and do the conference with Mr Andrew.

  7. Group 2
    We achieved a lot today we finished most of our things we needed more stuff on our website. We found this hard because people are away. We achieved getting some writing on the website and we wanted to add photos but it wouldn’t let us.
    I learnt the water cycle speeds up from climate change. Climate change is weather and it affects how hot and how cold the world is.
    I plan on finishing my seed on climate change and how it affects how much water we have in the world. I also plan on adding photos on the website on our plan and about climate change. We plan on getting a lot done like this week.

  8. Today me and my group found out what climate change means it means than the world is heating up and things starts to Bracket down on who lives on earth. An I found out that the earth heats up because the heat is getting trapped then it impacts on the earth.
    Climate change is making the way we live on earth change with global warming. So makes it change a lot.

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